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Dr. Saad Saad Talks About How Education Makes Dreams Comes True

April 2, 2018 - Author: steph - No Comments

Dr. Saad Saad granted an interview recently where he spoke about his past and overall career. The well-known pediatric surgeon talked about walking through the doors of Cairo University, which is in Egypt. He remembers being in awe of the university and its great halls. There were many students there, each with their own dream and path. Saad remembers being honored to be in a place where education is truly valued and knowledge is made infinite.


Dr. Saad graduated 47 years ago from that school and earned his medical degree. He also mentioned how he garnered some of the highest marks in his class that year, which made his entire family proud. It should be noted that he comes from a large family of eight siblings.


Two of them are surgeons just him like while the other two are doctors. Two other sibling are engineers and one is a teacher. Needless to say, education is also valued in his household, which is a tradition he continues to nurture in his own home where two of his children are now surgeons. One child is a nurse and another is a lawyer. Saad is very proud of his children and knows he did right by them because he taught them the importance of education. His love for knowledge led him to England after graduating. He wanted to learn more about the world and continue his education.


No doubt that England was a great teacher. He learned a lot in just two years, which is when he decided to visit America. He fell in love with this country, and he decided to set roots in this land. It did not take him too long to become a USA Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon. He has been able to use that certification to help many children in his community. This has made him a beloved surgeon amongst many parents who have healthier children because of him.


Saad also spoke about his Medical Missions. These are medical trips that he participates in alongside like-minded medical specialists, who want to lend a hand around the world. There are a lot of people out there who are in poverty and cannot afford health care. Some of these people are in Jerusalem where he has gone so many times before with Medical Missions to provide health care to children who are poor. It is something that he is proud of doing and hopes to continue to do as long as possi2ble.


Education is something he hopes children in Jerusalem value just as much as he has, and he hopes the same for the thousands of children he has been able to help in America, too. Every child deserves to see their dreams come true, and he knows that education is one thread connecting dreams to reality. Learn more:

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