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Doe Deere’s Unpredictable Personality Syndrome

July 19, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

Doe Deere(aka Dough, Doe Derp, Doh, Xenu, Dodo, Xenis, bustyblondeangel, princessmoth, barb1efrommars, prettypuppy48, sushibabies4, Xenia, Thunderwear, Lime Crime) is a mail-order bride of Russian origin suffering from unpredictable personality syndrome who migrated to USA in 1999 to wed the oldest looking man who is only 25 years of age and to become famous in lolcow industry.

As a fashion-school-dropout who also became an unsuccessful fashion designer as well as failed musician (twice), the self-made “Queen of Unicorn” is striving hard to become famous worldwide and to have her face coated on every surface that exists. Just recently, Doe Deere has discovered bright colors and started selling repackaged cosmetics.

Doe presently has more than 9000 sockpuppets plus 2 friends (aka her mother and sister) who help her alongside her husband in her trials to clean the internet and erase anything truthful written concerning her company.

Similar to most Internet Celebretards, Doe initially got her flinch as weeaboo referred to as Thunderwear. In 2004, she switched her brand’s title to Lime Crime and would con unsuspecting individuals by selling to them crap loli clothes on eBay, which she would stitch with pipe tape since she was so indolent to request her mother to assist her. It was during this period that her fascination with colleague fashion designer Shrinkle started, as Doe’s designs were essentially just shitty swindles of hers. When their friendship came to an end, Doe established another business in 2006 trading swizzes of her latest friend Supayanna’s designs by the name “A little Country For An Urban Girl.”

After discovering nobody was attracted to the incomplete home-ec schemes of this auburn weeaboo skank, she instead began an unauthentic lottery for animal house to generate cash and got every butthurt after people questioned her which house they were apparently donating to prior to giving the title of the house that does not really exist. Shortly after, Doe began a new lottery, this time appealing to donate the money to Certain Pet Rescue. Doubts were raised plus Paypal was called, who terminated Doe’s account when no proof of her donations initiative was established.

When she was not busy conning people, Doe used her time trailing Livejournal in her many sockpuppet accounts whilst making claims about being busy leading an “enviable” as well as fabulous lifestyle.

In 2002, Doe established a “rock” orchestra with her hubby and called it Sky Salt, which had lots of trouble making reservations for shows that Doe was forced to lease her private club for one night just to enable her band to eventually have a show to perform. Certainly, this particular night was unsuccessful, since it was verified that just 25 people turned up, majority of who made the sensible choice to leave prior to Doe’s crew even commenced the show.

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