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Dick DeVos’ Successful Philanthropy

January 28, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

Of the many prominent families that have contributed much in the United States to worthy organizations and to worthy charities, the DeVos family is considered to be one of the most prominent due to not only their generosity, but also due to their success within the world of business with an international family company. The DeVos family is the proud creator of Amway Corporation, a corporation that specifically specializes in selling affordable as well as high quality household products to countries all over the world. Over the past several decades that this company has been in business, the reputation of the DeVos family has continued to grow.


Of the many successful members of the DeVos family, Dick DeVos is not only one of the most successful, but is one of the most generous members of this family. Dick DeVos has dedicated his entire career to helping build the reputation of his family and of Amway Corporation and has over forty years of experience of working within Amway Corporation. Dick DeVos has a degree in economics from Boston College and was able to use this degree in order to help build Amway Corporation to the grandness that it is in present day.


Of the many accomplishments that Dick DeVos has achieved and that is proud of, one of the accomplishments that Dick DeVos is the most proud of are his many donations to charities and to organizations across the United States that have been able to grow not only the community, but also the economy of many different areas. Dick DeVos loves giving back at the local level as he believes that helping one individual will translate into helping millions more individuals in the long-run. Like his family, Dick DeVos is a prominent donator and believes that success is not what is generated in revenue, but is how much is given to those who are in need.


Of the many initiatives and organizations that Dick DeVos is dedicated to giving back to, Dick DeVos is particularly fond of the education initiative due to the fact that Dick DeVos knows that a better education system will lead to even more economic growth. Dick DeVos has not only given back to several school through donations as well as through scholarships, but has also given money to build schools. Dick DeVos believes that everyone should have the chance to pursue a higher level of education.


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