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Deliciously Healthy EOS

July 31, 2017 - Author: steph - No Comments

About seven years ago pharmacies, departments stores, and checkout counters all over the country started carrying tiny egg shaped containers of lip balm. Now, if this were the only development in the lip balm universe it would have ended there. But, upon closer examination of the products, customers learned that the brand EOS had erupted onto the market. The flavors that they had created were far different from anything else on the market.

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From the packaging to the flavors, Evolution of smooth specifically designs every aspect of their products to cater to fashion forward millennial women. If you’re unsure about these fantastic products, there’s a lot to choose from. It’s hard to tell where to begin with EOS lip balm. Which flavor is best? Which one should you try first?

Here is a list of some of the most popular flavors. No matter if you’ve been using this lip balm for years or are just getting around to trying it, these flavors are sure to please.


Coconut Milk

This is a mild and refreshing flavor just like the innards of a coconut where it gets its name. Everything about this flavor screams summer and will delight your senses with its tropical goodness. Comes in a pink orb with a white swirl, browse the product here at


Passion Fruit

This is another mild flavor perfect for those who are testing the waters of this product. Passion fruit is a popular flavor among sports drinks and smoothies, making it the perfect familiar place to start. Comes in a light purple orb.


Lemon Drop

Who doesn’t like the refreshing citrus burst of lemon? This flavor is another familiar one. You know what you’re getting into with anything lemon so there are no surprises. Comes in a yellow orb.



Yet another tried and true flavor worth trying. Cherry is iconic in the lip balm world and makes for a great first date with a Lip balm brand. Comes in a dark purple orb, order here!


All EOS lip balms are natural and infused with Shea butter and Vitamin E. Their flavors are great and the product is good for your lips, leaving them smooth and healthy while you go about your day with many applications.

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