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Dan Bethelmy-Rada: A Product Professional

April 29, 2019 - Author: steph - No Comments

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a well-known president of L’Oreal Professional Products. He has broken the record by being the youngest appointed leader in the managerial position. His outstanding skills and capabilities in innovation and creativity is the one that made the top management grant him such a chance. His ability in the marketing sector has helped the company to prosper much better than before he joined.

Despite his great success, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has always yearned to better himself through further studies about the subject matter. In fact, he diversified his knowledge to even more transformative ideas that he applied to create a positive impact in the industry.

In his workplace, he has always encouraged teamwork among the workers as a way to make sure no activity is frustrated. His good leadership has always brought together the efforts of the employees to make the set objectives achievable beyond doubt. This has promoted the image of the company more so in the marketing sector where he dwelled.

Dan has always encouraged the staffs who worked under him to bring up new ideas to the firm as a way of improving the quality of their service. That is why L’Oreal has risen up quickly and as we speak, it has overtaken numerous companies in the market. He has always known how to balance between his profession and family responsibility.

Before getting his job he always took his time exploring the world. That is how he has earned the excellent skills he has. His main interesting thing was the diversity portrayed by different culture and outlook of different topography. In fact, his interest in photography emerged during his moment of adventure.

During his tender age, Bethelmy-Rada studied abroad through a program called AFS-USA. That is how he adapted different cultures and embraced them through his constant exposure and knowledge about the subject.

Also, during the same moment, he saw an opportunity of business and immediately, he made a decision to pursue a course of the same interest at Sorbonne University. Later he decided to major in the marketing of new brands and also other products existing in the market.

His great skill in marketing is evident through his contribution to the marketing of the cosmetic products which captured the attention of the entire market.

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