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County Police Bring Hope

May 8, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments

Since the 20th century the United States has seen an enormous rise in drug use throughout the country. Under the Reagan administration, there were multiple taskforces put in place to help aid in the mission to make America drug free. Unfortunately, for DEA, FBI, and police agencies everywhere, the war is being sorely lost. That’s why the Gloucester County police department has decided to turn around what it means to be an addict. This week, the department made the decision to no longer charge criminal offenses to addicted citizens who willingly turn themselves in. The addict has to be willing to turn in all drugs and in lieu of jail time they will receive the help that they need. The Chief of Police in Gloucester talked to a local news source to explain why this is such a huge step forward. When police lock up drug addicts they are only temporarily disabling the criminal. They aren’t fixing the addict.


As of June 1st, 2015 citizens are allowed to walk into the Gloucester County police department and seek help instead of charges. The county wants to cut off the demand for drug dealers, and that is something Amen Clinics and other businesses can get behind. It seems to be a more effective way to win this war. The county is taking it one step further and are heading to Capitol Hill in hopes to get a Bill passed. The Bill states that any drug money seized in the county will go towards helping the drug addicts willing to get better.

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