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Clayton Hutson Is A Famed Tour Manager And Music Producer

June 28, 2018 - Author: steph - No Comments

Clay Hutson is one of the most renowned figures in the entertainment industry when it comes to project management. Originally from Tenessee, Clayton has been interested in the entertainment industry since he was young and has always been focused on becoming a successful part of it. Clay earned a degree by studying at Michigan Universty with a major in technical production and theater design. He further extended his studies by earning a master in business administration from Stephen M. Ross.


In the beginning, before he became known throughout the industry, Clayton worked for many different corporations in the entertainment industry in various positions. Whether it was a project manager or a sound engineer, Clayton found work and ways to build his experience and presence in the industry. Today, Clayton has managed to work with some of the biggest names in the business, including Prince, Kanye West, Pink, Kid Rock, and many more. His impressive production skills and management capabilities make him the g-to man for stage and tour management.


On top of his success in the entertainment industry, Clayton Hutson has always started his own business, which has a strong focus on rock. The majority of his time, however, is spent on management, production, and design of tours for various artists, including his latest with Halsey. These days, Clayton is an expert in live performances and can ensure an entire live event goes smoothly without any hiccups.


Halsey is on her Hopes Fountain Kingdom tour, which is currently being managed by Clay Hutson, bringing them to various different areas and stages around the world. As an experienced production manager, Clayton has been around the block, but every one of these events gives him more experience working around the world in different sets and atmospheres as well as with different artists.


Since the beginning of his career, Clay Hutson has had a strong focus on quality, making sure everything he does is done with perfection in mind. He believes in working hard and thinking hard in order to plan things out and execute them in order to accomplish his goals without fail. Learn more:


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