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CipherCloud Looks To Make Its Mark in Cloud Security Industry

February 23, 2016 - Author: steph - No Comments

Today’s enterprises are starting to embrace the impact of cloud computing, as well as the usage of different cloud services, such as IaaS and PaaS. This trend helps emphasize the need to make good choices as companies seek solutions. Cloud computing is a shared resource, built on developing apprehensions across different businesses through cloud computing, as well as associated cloud providers for data operations.

CipherCloud, a California based cloud security company helps to deal with these concerns through providing protection for data residency and privacy. CipherCloud helps deliver a comprehensive set of protection controls that include data loss prevention, malware detection, and encryption.

CipherCloud’s open platform helps get rid of issues by using a single solution that secures important customer information across all cloud applications, while also maintaining usability. CipherCloud gives users the capability to deal with a number of data security issues all at once.

CipherCloud helps organize all cloud applications known to an organization. The services also help identify risk and analyze network resources. CipherCloud’s solution prevents the loss of data through scanning and detecting.

CipherCloud’s main distinction from their competitors is that the solutions have no impact on application performance. CipherCloud is also unique because of the control and visibility given to users over their data in the cloud.

Their Twitter contends that CipherCloud was founded in 2010 by Pravin Kothari. CipherCloud reaches more than 125 different financial services, including insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications. CipherCloud also helps customers learn about global and industry regulations.

CipherCloud hopes to find solutions that are robust, reliable, and supported. Kothari notes that CipherCloud’s advanced technology solves complex problems. CipherCloud has a vision that focuses on building trust within the cloud, as well as providing value through its relative ease of use. CipherCloud hopes to make tools that will help support enhanced security, as well as merge with business logic workflow in the near future.

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