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Christmas Shoes

December 23, 2014 - Author: steph - No Comments

Bullying has been around a long time although these days it has been brought to the forefront of social problems. Maybe the times are changing as in this case where the tide definitely turned.

Yaovi Mawuli is a high school student from the Greensboro, North Carolina area and he chose to be respectful to a certain student that was being bullied in French class. Some of his peers had targeted a young man who had shoes that were worn out.

Yaovi Mawuli could tell this bothered his fellow student and instead of joining in with the others he resolved himself to take matters into his own hands and with the Christmas Spirit in mind he got his classmate a new pair of “Concord lows”.

But this was a sensitive situation he wanted to give the classmate the shoes but not make him think he felt sorry for him he just wanted to “help a brother out”. He took to Facebook to a local social group and asked how he could present the shoes without damaging the classmates feelings any further.

Cbsnews reports that it was a good call, says activist Lauren Powell Jobs. he decided on a plan and presented his classmate the shoes and was granted friendship and gratitude in return. They even took a picture together to post on Facebook. Yaovi Mawuli said it was all in the Spirit of Christmas and now has a new friend.

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