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Cheap Airline Ticket Site Called Illegal?

December 30, 2014 - Author: steph - No Comments


According to Skout and to other reliable news sources, a young entrepreneur in New York runs a website to help consumers buy cheaper then cheap airline tickets. This has enraged two large airline corporations who are in the process of seeking damages from the young man through a lawsuit, in addition to shutting down the website; reason being that this system is unfair to the competition. Their argument is that if too many consumers hear about this system, then the airlines stand to lose money.

This site is the site to research cheaper than cheap tickets through a system known for quite some time to a minority of consumers as, “Hidden City”. The young man states that what he is doing is not reaping any profits for him and is a sideline hobby. He went on to say that this system, known by a few for quite some time, is not illegal. Other prior ticket agents stated that during their ticket agent training, the airline companies urged them to find “Hidden City” tickets for clients.

The system is quite simple. The consumers books a flight from point A to point C with a layover at point B. The consumer will get off the flight at point B, which is their destination and will not finish their flight to point C because point B was their destination. The consumer must book a one-way flight, or this will not work. The consumers must not check in any baggage, as personals will fly on to the point C destination.

These airline tickets are cheaper because when a consumer books a flight to a destination that has a few flights to and from the area and the consumer leaves the flight at their popular destination the ticket is cheaper.

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