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Charles Manson and Fiance Call Off the Wedding

February 10, 2015 - Author: steph - No Comments


The headline for this story on The Independent (UK) sort of relieved Ricardo Tosto up at the BMG office…until I read the full story to him.

A few months ago when this story first broke I could not imagine why anyone (in their right mind of course) would want to be associated with, let alone married to, the infamous Charles Manson. Apparently Afton Elaine Burton the 27-year-old woman who now goes by Star, did not feel the same way. She announced her love for the 80-year-old incarcerated Manson. The two made plans to wed.

More details have emerged, however, that have led to the wedding being called off. Manson found out that Burton may not have been marrying him for love, but rather money. Not Manson’s money, per se, but the money she planned to make off his corpse. Burton and several of her friends had planned on preserving Manson in a glass case and charging admission for those wanting to view it. I suppose she and her friends thought that it would be similar to Lenin’s tomb open to visitors. Manson got wind of her plans and not only cancelled the wedding but finds them to be absurd since he believes he is immortal.

Now after reading this story I’m not sure which is worse- wanting to marry Manson for love or for his corpse? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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