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Jeff Herman Fights for the Safety of Children

June 28, 2018 - Author: steph

Jeff Herman is a man who discovered his calling in life somewhat later than most. He was originally a litigator for several companies. It was a successful job, but Jeff Herman was seeking more out of his work life. It was around this time when he learned of an incident that changed the course of his career forever. A child at a daycare was being abused, and he worked overtime to bring the perpetrator to justice. He realized that his how his true calling was helping others in need. A recent article on the website There is no Consensus goes into more detail about Jeff Herman’s perspective.

The article immediately discusses what actions can be taken to protect children. A child is too young to often realize the full nature of what happened. In which case, its up to parents to fully educate their child on the issue. Just talking about what body parts do or which are private can go a long way. As children age, they will need to know what the true meaning of consent. The word “No” should also be in the child’s vocabulary.

Starting with the simple fact a child should never be alone with another adult. If a child is involved with sports, then watch for coaches whom do not have a child on the team, or children in general. Gift giving and social media are common methods to lure children into dropping their guard. Staying vigilant over a child’s actions, location, and mood is easily the best method to judge the situation.

It’s a big world out there, and unfortunately there are sick people mixed in. Children deserve to be carefree and enjoy themselves, but making them aware of certain problems can avoid issues in the long run.

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