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Maduro says he will stay in office

May 13, 2016 - Author: steph

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is resisting efforts to oust him from office, and has said he will serve his full term that expires in 2019, a story in Reuters said. Maduro is continuing the policies of Hugo Chavez and was elected in 2013 to a six year term. Chavez was very popular for his socialist programs, but a recession brought on by falling oil prices and a long drought, has helped make Maduro less popular.
The opposition coalition, that won control of Congress in 2014, has used the economic crisis in its efforts to get Maduro out of office, and they are trying legislative means as well. Maduro accuses them of trying to pull off a legislative coup. So far according to expert Jose Gonzalez the supreme court and the election board have sided with Maduro and have thwarted efforts of the opposition.

But last week as reported by Aserne the opposition party turned in enough signatures to set the wheels in motion to have a referendum, which the law allows at the halfway point of the presidency. The elections board must verify the signatures, but so far as moved slowly, to the chagrin of the opposition. If the referendum is held in 2016, and if Maduro loses, a new election would be held. However, if that is put off until 2017, and if Maduro lost that the vice president would take over. The vice president would continue the same policies, which would defeat the purpose of the opposition.

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