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A Woman of Grit and Charm that is Julia Jackson

October 21, 2017 - Author: steph

Julia JacksonBorn in San Francisco, California, wine has played a huge role in Julia Jackson’s life. Born into a family of hardworking parents, wine icon Jess Jackson and former lawyer Barbara Banke, she knows what achieving success entails.Her exposure to wine and the art of making it started when she was a kid. One of her most memorable experience was going to the family’s château in Saint-Émilion and diligently working alongside the cellar people from 6:30 every morning to 10 p.m. every day for two weeks. Her appreciation of wine and respect for the people who make it increased tenfold.With a degree in studio art from Scripps College and a certificate in business management at the Stanford Summer Institute of General Management, Julia never settles down despite the accomplishments she achieved in the past.

Julia JacksonShe now works in the marketing department serving a major role as the company’s spokesperson. With over 60 brands like Benvolio, Matanzas Creek, and Murphy Goode under the Jackson Family Wines portfolio, Julia’s business acumen plays a vital role in introducing her family’s wines to a new generation of wine aficionados around the world. Her preferred varietal, in fact, is the Cabernet grown in Sonoma County.Miss Jackson also does her share of giving back to the community by founding Cambria: Seeds of Empowerment. It’s a program that gives annual cash grants amounting to $100,000 to inspiring women who are making a difference in the community and worldwide.

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Traveling Vineyard In Napa And On Social MediaTraveling Vineyard In Napa And On Social Media

June 20, 2017 - Author: steph

Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company that enlists wine guides to host private wine tasting events in order to market their products and help others to learn more about the joy of wine. Wine enthusiasts throughout the country are jumping on board and signing up to join the company as a guide. The perks range from wine accessories to all expenses paid trips to popular wine locales, in addition to commissions on all sales. The Traveling Vineyard business model appears to be working and in many ways, thriving. Recently, a group of wine guides reported back from their trip to Napa Valley on some non-wine-related activities that they found enjoyable.

The Traveling Vineyard model is based on in-home parties that are invitation only. The wine guide provides all of the wine and will assist the host with appropriate food pairings. In addition to offering guests great wine and lively conversation, the guide will share interesting information pertaining to the wines and how they are made. The belief of Traveling Vineyard and its guides is that wine need not be intimidating and can be enjoyed by all. Taking out the intimidation factor is important to the wine guides and by teaching guests more about the wine world in a comfortable setting they are able to help clients and guests overcome their fears relating to diving deeper into their enjoyment of wine.

Wine enthusiasts throughout the country are learning more about Traveling Vineyard and liking what they find out. The company’s social media accounts are filled with photos from tasting events shared by both guides and their hosts and guests. The company also gets in on the action using the platforms to showcase new and fun wine accessories such as floating wine glasses that are perfect for summer. Traveling Vineyard is making a difference in the way that people enjoy wine and the guides are helping casual enthusiasts gain a stronger knowledge base about the subject matter. The Twitter feed is a constant stream of smiling faces and fun wine factoids available to everyone. This business model succeeds with a relaxed environment.

Find more about Traveling Vineyard:

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Dining Out With Wine

March 10, 2015 - Author: steph

Wine can be an ideal accompaniment to any meal. Various kinds of wines are available on the market for people to sample and enjoy. Those who like wine have learned a great deal about how to pair wine with food when they are dining out. Many people who do not have such knowledge want to learn about how to do so as well. The right right can bring out the subtle flavors in a piece of fish, showcase the sweet hints of fruit in a sauce and help diners enjoy any meal far better. Picking out the best possible wine when dining out is one that can help people demonstrate their knowledge of wine and allow them to help others enjoy the meal even more.

Those who have little understanding of wine may want to get access to outside help in order to be able to learn more about this fascinating subject. Wines can be quite complex with many undertones and flavors. Effective help can provide the kind of assistance that allows them to understand why a white wine from Germany may be best paired with trout or tuna or why a burgundy from a region of France will work both as a sauce and a glass with a classic French beef stew.

The Antique Wine Company has been helping customers for many years. Founded more than three decades ago, this contemporary resource provides customers from countries in many places the chance to be able learn more about wines of all kinds. The company offers classes of all kinds to help their customers study the world of wine at their own pace. Those who are able to take such classes will often find that staffers can help them become far more confident and assertive when they are dining out with friends and business associates.

Many restaurants offer a wine menu. The menu may also include a series of suggestions with many meal choices. It may also include a list of suggestions that are right for dessert only or for a large party of people. Diners who have learned more about wine can also look confidently at the menu and help pick out wines on their own. This can be a pleasing sensation that lets them realize they are capable of making choices that will help enhance their dining experience and provide them with a meal that meets all their wants.

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