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ViSalus Wants To Challenge Everyone To Be Healthier

August 16, 2019 - Author: steph


High-protein diets are all the rage since protein is very filling, and it increases muscle mass. If you want to lose weight, protein keeps you from losing muscle. You can also boost your metabolism with a high-protein diet. Increasing your protein intake can help you lose weight, however, you can’t eat high calorie protein, like greasy cheeseburgers and fatty steaks and expect to lose weight.

There are plenty of high-protein foods, even for vegetarians. There’s turkey, salmon, chickpeas, black beans, cottage cheese and eggs. Many of us are busy and find it hard to cook a healthy meal sometimes. It’s easier to grab fast food. Vi-Shape shake mix, energy drinks and snack bars make it easy to eat healthy on the go. If you want a healthy protein source, ViSalus can help.

ViSalus is a healthy lifestyle company based in Los Angeles, California and Italy. Delicious Vi-Shape shake mix has concentrated whey proteins and a non-GMO soy protein to help you build lean muscles and leave you feeling full.

When you use nonfat milk, you get 22 grams of protein, plus vitamins and minerals, and it only has 170 calories. The company says “Vi-Shape” is “The Shake Mix That Tastes Like A Cake”. You can’t go wrong with something which tastes like cake.

ViSalus offers supplements, meals, snacks and drinks. The company is best known for its Body by Vi Challenge. It is a 90-day challenge with social support, guidance and products for your daily nutrition. Participants who submit their results could win free products or a dream vacation in the tropics. Refer to This Article for related information.

Challenging yourself brings growth according to ViSalus. You should always set goals for yourself. The Vi community is a great source for inspiration. You can read about how other took the 90-day challenge transformed their body and their life.

Established in 2005, ViSalus boasts three million stories of weight loss and physical transformations in more than 15 countries. Visit This Page for more information.


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