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Using the Securus Technologies System to Catch the Bad Guys

May 12, 2017 - Author: steph

I work as an inmate fugitive hunter, and my task force is always making use of the latest technologies to try and gain a competitive edge on the suspects. In order for the inmate to make it on the outside, they must have some type of network in place or they will not last a day before tripping up and getting caught.


The best criminals have been planning the escape for a long time, and once outside the jail, they use every resource they can to get as far from the jail as possible. In the past, we have always been in reaction mode, allowing many suspects to get out of the state or country before we ever picked up on their trail. This is the frustrating part of the job, but things have taken a turn for the positive recently with the implementation of the Securus Technologies inmate communication system in our jail.


I was brought in to train on the LBS software and get familiar with how it works. Even though we had suspects already on the run who were not using the phones any longer, there was still chatter with some of the inmates. When a high-ranking gang member escapes, they still are in communication with those in jail, and that is where we first heard some chatter on one suspect we were hunting for.


After his escape, the next day the LBS software picked up on a conversation between two gang members talking about the whereabouts of the suspect and how things were progressing. Although in code, the software was able to give us key information as to another escape that was planned and where these two were going to meet up. We stopped the one escape, and we intercepted the escapee waiting for his partner to arrive thanks to the software.


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Enhancing Community Safety with Securus Technologies Video Visitation

March 22, 2017 - Author: steph

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is a multifaceted enterprise that provides an array of different criminal justice system technological solutions. These include systems for offender monitoring, inmate communications, and with an eye to public safety in mind. One innovative Securus Technologies technology is Video Visitation.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation is a technological solution designed to better ensure that incarcerated individuals are better able to maintain a meaningful connection with family members. This is done through a complex technology developed by Securus Technologies that not only provides a communication portal between inmates and loved ones on the outside, but, includes vital security protocols and efficient registration features. It is not merely a simplistic derivation of something like Skype.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation is intended to assist in enhancing community safety as well as allowing for regular contact between inmates and their family members and friends. Criminologists make it clear that an incarcerated person able to maintain a decent connection with family and friends is significantly less likely to reoffend when released back into the community. This is a crucial addition to the arsenal intended to reduce offender recidivism in the 21st century.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation is also helpful in enhancing the safety and security of correctional institutions. A risk point at any correctional center is the visitation room, where inmates and outsiders have some type of direct interaction. It is at this juncture that contraband can be introduced into an institution.


Through Video Visitation, the ability of an outsider and inmate contraband exchange is eliminated all together. Indeed, some criminologists maintain that this step alone will reduce contraband flow into some institutions by 75 percent, or even more. Understanding that contraband includes dangerous drugs and mobile phones, this is a crucial decrease in the flow of harmful items into a correctional facility.


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Securus Technologies With Video Visitation Commercials

December 7, 2016 - Author: steph

Securus Technologies is doing a great service for the public. They are making several commercials in the next month that allow people to know how beneficial the video visitations are for the correction facilities. The inmates want to have some way of speaking and hearing their loved ones during the holidays, and this is good way to do so. They can take part in the holidays, watch them open their gifts and talk to them too. This makes them feel better about everything, allowing there to be a great atmosphere in the facility. This, in turn, allows everyone to be safer.


The video visitations save the facility, and the visitor to the inmate money. This works for everyone, so the video visitations are a huge success, and more and more facilities want to use them. The commercials will help to get everyone on board with the process. Securus Technologies will keep making more technology that will give the facilities even more of a safety backing so all the people can be comfortable in them. This is protect the visitors, as well as the prisoners, in case violence were to break out.


Securus Technologies is known for its public safety work. They are the leader in their industry. The government contracts them to do work in their facilities because of their expertise and their technology. Secures Technology deals with over a million prisoners every year. They are involved in both the criminal and civil sectors of justice and safety. In the future, they will continue to have a lot of success.


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