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Innovation and consistent improvement: best business model for Eli Gershkovitch

August 25, 2017 - Author: steph

Craft beer in Canada is the most popular drink all time round. All these began back in the year 1982. It was pioneered by three British ale beer lovers who were frustrated by lack of something worth celebrating at that time. And it was later picked by Eli Gershkovitch, the Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks craft breweries.


Although there were some hindrances from the government liquor laws at that time, it couldn’t prevent the British guys from opening a brewpub near Victoria though they had to build their brew house some distance away from the pub, as stated by the law. They were determined like Eli Gershkovitch.


Unfortunately, the trio had to close their growing business after only three years due to some events that were beyond them. They were ahead of their time. But they inspired the spirit of microbreweries that took the country by storm.


In the year 1984, Canada saw a burst in craft brewing (Steamworks). Granville Island located in Vancouver was founded in the same year. The brewery is still function to date. Facing competition from Steamworks owned by Eli Gershkovitch.


This grand entry paved the way for other small breweries such as Spinnaker’s brewery at Victoria, Big Rock in Calgary, Brick Brewery in Ontario, and Nobleman in Winnipeg, which marked the first wave of microbrewers of craft beer.


Eli Gershkovitch later joined the second wave almost two decades ago, providing tasty craft beer in Canada’s history. Other provinces joined the race. Besides Steamworks by Eli Gershkovitch, the others are Fort Garry, Howe Sound, Quidi Vidi, Yukon brewing among others.


What makes the likes of Eli Gershkovitch different from their predecessors is that they are brewing different flavors of craft beer, mostly porters, pale ales, IPAs among other new inventions.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is the founder and CEO of Steamworks Group company. The company boasts of some best-selling beers that have won it many awards. Through Eli Gershkovitch leadership, the company has broad market all over Canada, with innovative solutions that aim at revolutionizing Canada’s beer market.


Eli is rather a different person from what you could expect from a CEO of a vast Beer empire. Though his primary style is casual, he is an astute business master. He believes in the incorporation of innovation along with improvement in business today.


Eli Gershkovitch he adores freedom to an extent he is willing to leave everything on the table just to be in control ( He founded Steamworks back in the year 1995 as a small pub, but with calculated growth, he grew it to an empire.


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