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Soros Lends A Hand (And a Great Deal Of Money) To Democratic Voter Initiative

March 15, 2016 - Author: steph


NY Times reported that the Democratic Party has recently begun a new voter initiative aimed primarily at a peculiar and oft overlooked demographic – the Latino immigrant vote. The program, termed by it’s proponents as a political outreach program, is spearheaded by a new large scale political action committee referred to as Immigrant Voters Win. The goal of the super PAC is to rally potential Latino immigrant voters to the democratic party by specifically focusing on Donald Trump’s incendiary states in regard to illegal immigration (building a wall, deporting all illegal immigrants, ect.). A major support of the super PAC initiative, a one Mr. Cristobal Alex of the Latino Victory Project described the political endeavor as a taking off of the proverbial gloves, stating also that the country rests on a precipice.

And he is right, but the Immigrant Voters Win initiative is taking off it’s gloves in more ways than just with it’s rhetoric, it’s also pulling in massive cash to back up it’s words and their potency as is evidenced by one of their largest financial backers -George Soros.

Know more:

Soros’ five million dollar contribute to the Immigrant Voters Win project as well as his eight million dollar contribution, split between two different Hillary Clinton campaign super PACs, marks the Hungarian billionaire’s stunning return back onto the political scene after nearly four years of relative silence. But the financial guru and democratic superhero, Soros, hasn’t called it quits after just two donations but has instead continued on to make yet another large scale donation, this time to the tune of five million dollars to a political campaign directed at Ohio, N. Carolina and Wisconsin aimed at repealing constraining voting legislation. So the obvious question arises – why is Mr. Soros suddenly so active after remaining silent for so long?

The answer came straight from the horses mouth, as it were, when Mr. Soros publicly stated that he found the intense anti immigration, anti immigrant, anti muslim rhetoric of the GOP front runners to be “deeply offensive.” He went on to say that such statements reflecting poorly, not just upon the Republican front runners, nor just on their party but on the United States of America as a whole and damaged the countries credibility and legitimacy upon the world stage. Mr. Soros concluded his public statement by resoundingly stating that there needed to be deft and serious consequences for the outrageous and unconscionable behavior that has been, in his opinion, the hallmark of the Republican Debates thus far.

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