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Universal Opens Latest Theme Park Ride With Movie Tie-In

June 26, 2015 - Author: steph

Universal Studios is definitely holding its own against other studios at the box office this year. First was the release of “Furious 7,” the latest movie in the franchise that started with “Fast & Furious,” which did very well at the box office. Then, of course, was “Jurassic World,” which says not only beat all others this year so far but took all-time box office records for an opening weekend and speed at which it headed toward a billion dollars in worldwide ticket sales. Universal has another revenue stream up their sleeve that serves to complement and tie in with their successful movies and that is their theme parks. They have four of them around the world, and they are quite successful in their own right.

Their latest Theme Park movie tie-in expansion is the addition of a Fast & Furious – Supercharged ride at their Hollywood theme park location. The ride is supposed to take passengers into the world of underground street racing in a way far more thrilling than just watching it on a movie screen. Between their Hollywood and Florida locations, they already offer rides, shows and attractions that tie in with “E.T.: The Extraterrestrial,” “Men in Black,” “The Simpsons,” “Terminator 2,” “Harry Potter,” and many more. Universal studios has invested in continuing people’s movie going adventures at their theme parks, and it seems to be paying off for them.

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