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A Kiss of Pumpkin Spice

December 1, 2017 - Author: steph

Those who are obsessed with lip balm are most likely familiar with the spherical magnificence known as “eos”. If you’ve never heard of the brand, then you’re missing out. Not only does eos feature a wide array of flavors that are 100% natural, their nutrient-rich ingredients are paraben, petrolatum, and gluten free!

Perhaps one of the most amazing features of eos lip balm, aside from it’s convenient and uniquely-designed packaging, is the way it glides across your lips, spreading a load of moisturizing goodness. Click here to see more. Furthermore, speaking of the design, unlike it’s competitors, eos lip balms are conveniently packed into a spherical container vs. a tube, allowing you to use every last drop of product with ease and without waste.

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Keeping up with seasonal trends, eos has introduced pumpkin spice to their delightful line of flavors, check it out here on Like the other options, the pumpkin spice contains Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil in an effort to continue delivering a maximum level of moisture. As if that alone doesn’t create the most kissable lips imaginable, it packs a warm, delightful pumpkiny punch with it’s on-point delivery of a holiday favorite. Aside from an actual dessert, it’s sure to be the sweetest thing to come across your lips this holiday season!

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