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Book Your London Stay With an Experienced Online Booking Accommodation Service

October 9, 2015 - Author: steph

Those seeking a vacation rich in history, art, and admirable landscapes, are destined to find it in London, UK, as an escape to London promises endless architectural views with breathtaking gardens, rivers and waterways to match. Here, visitors will find inspiration in beautiful attractions such as the British Museum, Tower of London, The London Eye, award winning musicals, vivid royal gardens, exquisite dining, the infamous Big Ben that stands proudly erect at the Westminster Palace, and more.

No trip is complete without a cosy place to return to after an invigorating day of exploration. London offers some of the most welcoming places to sit back, relax and take in the day’s experiences. Whether guests prefer the spaciousness of an apartment, the luxury of a hotel boutique or the affordability of a hostel, there’s a place for everyone.

London Apartments

An apartment rental allows to visitors to experience London in a unique way. London apartments are located across all areas in London and offers a little something for groups of all sizes and budgets, including luxury vacation apartments. With a London apartment rental, guests will enjoy exciting features such as private terraces, galley style kitchens, plasma televisions, and more.

London Hostels

London hostels provide a clean, comfortable budget friendly place to stay. When booking a hostel, guests have their choice of fancier private rooms or cheaper, shared dorms and facilities.

London Boutique Hotels

London boutique hotels allows visitors to unwind in luxury with fascinating interiors bathed in contemporary style and elegance, and more. Book a room, suite or apartment as part of your London experience.

Bed and Breakfast

For a more homely experience, many guests turn to London’s bed and breakfast establishments. As part of their bed and breakfast stay, guests will enjoy a quaint, cosy environment complete with English breakfast every morning.

About WorldEscape

WorldEscape is the best resource for London vacation rentals. Whether it’s an apartment right in the heart of London, just minutes away from many famous attractions or a cosy stay in a bed and breakfast, WorldEscape prides themselves on offering the perfect location for your group.

WorldEscape, a family-run company, is highly experienced in online accommodation booking. For years, they have been booking accommodations for a variety of guests, and they always have people on the ground, so guests can rest assure that they know their offerings.

If you are planning a trip to London and would like world class service, book with WorldEscape today.

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A Reason Why You Should Invest In Brazil

July 17, 2015 - Author: steph

While looking for opportunities, businessmen consider various factors before they settle on the ideal destination. Among the factors they consider is the availability of market for their products or services, security, political and economic stability among others. Brazil has proven to be an ideal destination for many investors due to its strategic location among other favorable factors that the article will discuss.

Corruption is a dreaded monster by investors in most countries. This is because it slows down the wheel of investment as one has to part with a huge chunk of cash corrupting government official in order to have deals go through or have various licenses to transact business in that country. Brazil has taken its war against corruption to a high level following prosecution of high government officials for corruption related allegations. This will encourage investors to try their investments in the country.
Brazil has an estimated population of 203,708,315 which provides a huge domestic market desirable to any investor. The population ensures that investors have a ready market ready to consume their products and services. This also ensures that there is availability of labour for investors in all fields.

Brazil has emerged as a fast growing country among the emerging nation which has resulted to stability in its currency. This has proved conducive for Brazilian investors like Igor Cornselsen as importation of products becomes an easy task when the currency is strong against the dollar.

The growth has also ensured that the citizens in this country are financially well off resulting to a strong market for various products. General infrastructures have improved as well making it easy for people to travel as well as communicate. This has been made possible due to cheap access of energy which has made production cost go down hence the cost of living becoming lower.

Brazil has also ensured that political and democratic stability is given a priority so that many investors can feel safe when they are running their businesses. Instability leads to demonstrations and violence which scares away investors leading to loss of business. The government is keen in ensuring the country is safe from all forms of security threats such as terrorism.

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Learn these popular skiing before your vacation

July 14, 2015 - Author: steph


Skiing is truly a unique and exciting sport that has its own unique style and culture. Getting used to this culture can be difficult for novices, but there are a few common phrases that can get you started once you decide that you want to become a skier. 
One of the most common phrases in Skiing is yard sale. While normally a yard sale is the sale of used household items, in the world of skiing a yard sale refers to the scattering of items along the mountain caused by a wipe out. 
Another popular term among skiers is the word “brah”. While the word may be used like the word for a ladies undergarment, the word is actually a term of endearment among skiers. 
You may also hear the word chowder while you are skiing. This term does not refer to soup, but actually refers to wet and low quality snow. You definitely want to avoid chowder. Similarly, corn does not refer to the food, but actually refers to low quality grainy snow and a hot dog isn’t a sandwich, but instead is a person that is making a fool of themselves by acting out on the slopes. 
Champagne may be a wonderful drink that you enjoy after you get back from the slopes, but it also refers to perfect smooth snow that you and your skiing friends are looking for. If you have too much Champagne later in the day, you may find yourself “puking”, but the term also refers to the heaviness of the snow. 
Another term that you may hear when the snow really falls down is Snorkel. This is the term used when the snow really falls down, and thus you might need a snorkel. 
Skiing terminology can be extremely helpful to know, but fear not. Andy Wirth once had to learn all this terminology, and today he is the CEO of one of the most popular chains of ski lodges in the world. He is known for giving skiers a high quality skiing experience. You definitely need to check out his ski lodges if you are looking to have a high quality skiing experience.

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Homeland Security Is Trying To Find Out Who Leaked The Story On Airport Security Test Failures

June 12, 2015 - Author: steph

Homeland Security Clams The Airport Security Tests Were Classified

The inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security is not happy about the security leak that told the world security at airport checkpoints was not that secure. Homeland Security conducted a test at airports around the country, and they discovered that TSA agents allowed weapons and fake explosives through security checkpoints 95 percent of the time. That’s an alarming statistic, but the other alarming fact is Homeland Security’s internal security needs to be examined.

The last thing Homeland Security wanted or needed was another story about their security procedures as has reported in the past. The department has been under scrutiny for not having safeguards in place to protect terrorist’s attacks at key locations around the country. The chairman of the Homeland Security Committee said there are serious issues that need to be addressed within the organization. Employees leaking information is just one of them.

The TSA chief was removed following the security report, but the leaker is still working for Homeland Security. Finding the leaker should be an easy job for the department. They are a security organization, right?

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NASA is Building a Smarter Rover to Roam Mars

June 8, 2015 - Author: steph

When the Mars rover landed on the red planet scientists were able to explore the strange new world for the first time, an absolutely amazing feat of both engineering and science. But they want to make the next mission even better by building a smarter rover that could actually make decisions for itself.

The TextureCam Intelligent Project, lead by David Thompson, is providing the technology that will allow the rover to self prioritize the data it collects, resulting in a lot less work for those who have to analyze it. TextureCam can analyze geological structures for instance to identify important aspects of them, a job that would otherwise have to be done with human eyes.

The new technology will revolutionize space exploration, making it easier and more accurate than ever when learning about martian territories. The Mars Curiosity Rover is still hard at work on the planet, a rover that is equipped with it’s own set of intellectual technologies. For example, Curiosity is able to track where it has already explored so it doesn’t keep collecting data from the same areas. Steve Murray likes that. However, smarter rovers will be able to think for themselves and make decisions about what they are looking at, an even more impressive feat of engineering for NASA.

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Immerse In Supreme Luxury: The Dorchester Collection

May 26, 2015 - Author: steph

The Dorchester Collection is a luxury hotel proprietor and management company based in London, United Kingdom. The company has an impressive portfolio of five star luxury hotels based in diverse regions such as: Milan, Rome, Paris, Geneva, Beverly Hills, Switzerland and London. Their facilities offer suites, luxury rooms, restaurants, conference halls and more to a accommodate wide range of guests, which includes: families; couples; celebrities; royal family members and business moguls.

By creating an atmosphere of supreme luxury the hotel chain has gained global notoriety for providing an experience of elegance and indulgent charm. Each hotel is different and does not represent a template, but rather celebrates original character and contemporary style. Some of their hotels encompass architectural innovation of the modern era while others successfully merged state-of-the-art facilities with historic buildings. The consistent theme for each hotel are outstanding location, superior service and unrivaled luxury; each hotel encapsulates the insight and culture of the city it is in.

The Dorchester Collection has an obvious vision for providing ultimate hotel management services. The company is staffed by an elite team of proven professionals and executives that expand the Dorchester brand by acquiring luxury hotels and managing them on behalf of third party owners.

It is very difficult to become an icon within the realm of luxury hotels. Many variables exist and the major one is legacy. For the Dorchester Collection to position itself as a standout competitor is beyond impressive considering the chain started with the purchase and management of two hotels, The Dorchester in London, and The Beverly Hills hotel in 1996. Since then, The Dorchester Collection has expanded to ten hotels, ten restaurants and seven spas. The Dorchester collection also has a presence in online retail with products which include: clothes; gift cards; spa products; tote bags; and more where they recently integrated bitcoin payments.

The Dorchester Collection exemplifies professional management by catering to the desires of its guests. The hotel staff understands the concept of prestigious service which is reflected in their professional and friendly engagement. The Dorchester Collection encapsulates luxury in unrivaled presentation, such as inspiring chandeliers, marble floors, floral arrangements and beautiful artwork. The amenities are also captivating with chic relaxation rooms, fluffy bathrobes, world-class restaurants, private car service, state-of-the-art fitness centers, luxurious pools, signature spas and more.


Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan
Effortless elegance meets timeless tradition, at the luxury five-star Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan. Dominating the Piazza della Repubblica, this landmark neoclassical building has been the natural home for international travellers and cosmopolitan society since the 1920s. Experience the true spirit of Milan, a fashion-conscious city with a reputation for exceptional style and world-class shopping.

The Dorchester Collection is pet friendly and a perfect location for family vacations, weddings, business meetings and weekend getaways. Each hotel provides facilities, rooms and equipment for disabled guests. The hotel chain is an excellent reflection of sound management and professional, quality service. Find more impressive videos of The Dorchester Collection on YouTube.

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Airport Employee Pays it Forward to Stranded Passenger

March 26, 2015 - Author: steph

Today has a story today about an act of kindness in an airport, a place where kindness has kind of gone out the window a long time ago.

Passenger Miriam Thomas was flying from her home in Vancouver, Canada to attend a business meeting in Ontario, California. According to Dr Jennifer Walden she flew with Delta, which is an airline I take great lengths to avoid if I can. Her plane was diverted to Seattle due to problems they were having aboard. Thomas had to stay the night in Seattle before continuing on her trip. This was definitely not the worse part of her troubles with Delta. When she was at the airport, ready to return home, the airline told her that her return ticket had been cancelled. Delta had taken it upon themselves to use her return ticket to pay for her rescheduled flight. And they did not have a flight for her until the next day. Madness. That’s when Judy Reid, an employee from Alaska Airlines stepped in. She used her employee travel voucher to cover Thomas’ ticket home and paid the taxes out of pocket. Thomas was able to get home the same day and Reid refused any reimbursement from her employer.

I love these uplifting stories of people helping people. Reid did this out of kindness, not to be recognized or reimbursed. I hope more people try to follow in her footsteps.

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Dining Out With Wine

March 10, 2015 - Author: steph

Wine can be an ideal accompaniment to any meal. Various kinds of wines are available on the market for people to sample and enjoy. Those who like wine have learned a great deal about how to pair wine with food when they are dining out. Many people who do not have such knowledge want to learn about how to do so as well. The right right can bring out the subtle flavors in a piece of fish, showcase the sweet hints of fruit in a sauce and help diners enjoy any meal far better. Picking out the best possible wine when dining out is one that can help people demonstrate their knowledge of wine and allow them to help others enjoy the meal even more.

Those who have little understanding of wine may want to get access to outside help in order to be able to learn more about this fascinating subject. Wines can be quite complex with many undertones and flavors. Effective help can provide the kind of assistance that allows them to understand why a white wine from Germany may be best paired with trout or tuna or why a burgundy from a region of France will work both as a sauce and a glass with a classic French beef stew.

The Antique Wine Company has been helping customers for many years. Founded more than three decades ago, this contemporary resource provides customers from countries in many places the chance to be able learn more about wines of all kinds. The company offers classes of all kinds to help their customers study the world of wine at their own pace. Those who are able to take such classes will often find that staffers can help them become far more confident and assertive when they are dining out with friends and business associates.

Many restaurants offer a wine menu. The menu may also include a series of suggestions with many meal choices. It may also include a list of suggestions that are right for dessert only or for a large party of people. Diners who have learned more about wine can also look confidently at the menu and help pick out wines on their own. This can be a pleasing sensation that lets them realize they are capable of making choices that will help enhance their dining experience and provide them with a meal that meets all their wants.

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Black Boxes Retrieved From Airasia Flight

January 16, 2015 - Author: steph

On fourteenth day of the search Igor Cornelsen read, a breakthrough was made by the Indonesian authorities. They announced on Sunday, January 11 that the black boxes of the aircraft AirAsia, crashed on December 28 with 162 people on board, were found at last, confirmed by the Indonesian Ministry of Transport. On Monday, Indonesian authorities informed Press about further development and confirmed that one black box was successfully retrieved and the other one was also located.

It is really a key success on part of divers and search team as these black boxes might help in knowing the exact cause of the crash of AirAsia Plane in Java sea, on 28 December 2014. Further investigations have gone into the nature of the disaster, and just what may be able to be recovered from the vessel in the future, but more information will need to be ascertained before more progress can possibly come through.

On fourteenth day of the search a breakthrough was made by the Indonesian authorities. They announced on Sunday, January 11 that the black boxes of the aircraft AirAsia, crashed on December 28 with 162 people on board, were found at last, in a statement that was confirmed by the Indonesian Ministry of Transport.

After the confirmation of this news by Operation Coordinator for Indonesia’s National Search & Rescue Agency, Suryadi Bambang Supriyad, experts are hopeful.

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Haiti: The Happiest Place on Earth

- Author: steph

There are places on this planet where people do not know of ‘depression’. Haiti, the region stricken by a strong earthquake about five years ago, does not have victims with depression.  I am going to inform my friend Jared Haftel of this.

It is not because everyone feels well, but because the society does not know the term and describes the affection more like a ‘lack of appetite and sleep and thinking too much’.

Only 10 psychologists are available for the thousands of inhabitants of Haiti . They are popular anyway, since the locals turn to voodoo whenever they need help. The voodoo is a religion which originates from South Africa, and the Haitians strongly believe that the rituals performed by “houngan” (male voodoo practitioner) and “manbo” (female voodoo practitioner) can help them with many types of ailments.

The voodoo priests perform sacrifices with chickens and other small animals in a small temple among bamboo trees, while the people who are diagnosed with psychological disorders are rejected by the societies. The importance of changing attitudes is evident. The World Health Organization has spoken on the subject, saying that Haiti and other countries as well have to work and improve understanding and treating mental illnesses.

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