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Bulletproof Coffee

June 18, 2015 - Author: steph

For individuals who are looking to boost their morning routine and get a bit more out of the average cup of joe, they might want to check out Bulletproof coffee. This coffee is one of the newer options on the market today as it came to fruition in 2009 and has been going strong ever since. The Bulletproof coffee company itself is marketed as an “upgraded” form of black coffee. This is because it is blended with a grass fed butter and something known as brain octane. The combination of these different elements are designed to improve brain functionality and the ability to concentrate on certain tasks throughout the day.

The recipe has been created by Dave Asprey, who is the owner and founder of bulletproof coffee. The “Brain Octane” oil, as he calls it, is an eight-carny fraction of a medium0chain triglyceride. The combination of this can prove helpful to the health of the individual, as long as the individual does not combine the black coffee with a large amount of sugar.

The coffee has been listed as one of the major up and coming companies in the United States and Bulletproof Coffee has even been featured on several different top talk shows such as The Tonight Show and the Today Show. It is a smaller company with around 20 employees, but the website, from which it does most of its sales, sees over six million unique visitors. On top of this, Bulletproof Coffee also maintains a cafe in Los Angeles, which is where it is based out of.

By 2014, the company boasted over three million consumers of the product as it has grown throughout the world. This is based on the desirable health effects that can come about from drinking Bulletproof coffee. The recipe itself is rather straight forward and includes one to two tablespoons of the grass fed, unsalted butter (also known as ghee), and one to two tablespoons of the Brain Octane. The drink is then blended until it becomes frothy.

Asprey has come out to state that individuals who drink bulletproof coffee have shown the ability to boost their IQ score by over 20 points and that it is also able to help with weight loss through what is known as ketosis. Several doctors have come out to say that drinking a cup of Bulletproof coffee can give a bit more energy and results than the standard cup of coffee and BusinessWeek confirms it’s true.

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