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Ex-Employees will Always Leave a Presence Haunting a Company long after Departing

October 29, 2017 - Author: steph

All businesses strive hard to keep their operations afloat including making the right and meaningful recruitment, maintaining accurate accounts as well as keeping up to date with the latest technologies and innovations. It’s all in with the goal of achieving success. However, despite all these hard work, there is one area that is continuously neglected with each passing day, and that is when an employee leaves.

In the scenarios where a perfect and ideal world is, it would be expected that a capable replacement is sought, loose ends are tied, and the project continues unhitched. However, in most cases, the ideal situation does not often occur. There is no leaving party that lets the employee and business part in good terms. More often than not the departure is not so cordial or clean cut hence issues are expected to arise months after an employee leaves. With this reality in mind, it is necessary for businesses to begin questioning themselves whether or not they are doing something to ensure that soon to be ex-employees will not walk out with business secrets by Onelogin.

It helps to remember that former employees are not your friends. Many are the times that we have heard of how damaging employees have been after leaving a company. Some cases involve data breach where ex-employees can share years’ worth of data with competitors, which is very damaging to the brand of a company. Sometimes these ex-employees have access to internal information and can change it to the detriment of the company like in the case where a fired hotel employee changed the room’s bookings by slashing it downwards costing the hotel over 50000 pounds in losses. It is up to the company to ensure that the account of the employee they fire is deactivated immediately they have intentions to leave.

HR and IT departments need to work together at all ties to ensure that valuable company data is protected. It is not enough to have assurance from the employee that they will not breach the data. It is possible to lock out and ex-employee and keep them from accessing any significant data once they have been released from the company.

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