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Dr. Johanan Rand, in the war against aging problems through groundbreaking strategies

May 1, 2018 - Author: steph

Aging is an inevitable phenomenon to not only humans but the entire creation. Fortunately, thanks to technology and intensive medical research by various prominent medical experts such as Dr. Johanan Rand it is now possible to slow down the aging process and conditions that tag along with it. Dr. Johanan is a proficient medical practitioner who hails from northern New Jersey and specializes mainly in anti-aging and erectile dysfunction treatments.

As the president of Healthy aging medical centers, Dr. Johanan Rand addresses areas of medicine which are often left unattended to by most medical sectors. He does so with passion and takes an entirely different approach to ensure that all his patients not only go home with a smile but completely satisfied with the results. For instance, instead of applying the conventional invasive methods used by practitioners in the same arena, Dr. Johanan Rand takes a different approach by using both integrative and regenerative strategies to tackle factors that contribute to aging. For example, the anti-aging treatment program includes proper dieting and workouts which helps minimize the detrimental effects of aging. Also, he uses hormone therapies which help strengthen the impact of the other therapies which are part of the treatment.

As a public lecturer, Dr. Johanan Rand understands that knowledge is power, and that is why he goes the extra mile in educating patients about the effects of aging and how they can tackle them before they become too severe. Some of the things he tutors about include the difference between traditional and functional medicine approaches to anti-aging care, innovative treatment for conditions such as menopause, brain injury and excessive weight gain. It is through such lessons that patients learn how to take care of themselves when they are not on therapy.

Dr. Johanan is genuinely one of a kind, and numerous patient testimonials are sufficient proof that his innovative techniques do work. He combines compassion and professionalism bringing out the best patient care that anyone could ask for.


Who is Dr. Johanan Rand?

Dr. Johanan Rand has been the president of healthy aging medical center since 2010 a position he has used to steer the company to higher grounds. Dr. Rand is quite a lucrative man, and his academic certifications are proof of this. For instance, he holds an advanced degree from Howard University College of medicine and is also a graduate of the Albert Einstein medical center, New York where he received his Doctor of medicine. While at Albert Einstein, Dr. Johanan began as nutritional principles student, but his interest in anti-aging treatments pushed him to later specialize in integrated medicine and bioidentical hormone replacement practice. Besides being president and founder of healthy aging, Dr. Johanan Rand is also an affiliate of the Children’s medical center in Pompton Plains.

During his free time,Dr.Rand travels around different parts and attends educative conferences to expand his knowledge in the science of age management. He also gives back to the community by sharing what he knows through medical journals and educating other doctors.


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