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Michel Terpins and Justo pull an extraordinary performance during the 25th edition of Bull Serteos Rally

September 10, 2018 - Author: steph

Michel Terpins is a 40-year-old rally driver who hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Michel Terpins shot to the limelight at a tender age where he participated in the junior motorcycle competitions. Most of Michel’s fans describe him as a humble person whose simple demeanor doesn’t go in tandem with his massive success in the motorsport world. Even with all the glamour, Michel has managed to remain calm and focus on his racing career and entrepreneurship.


Michel’s early upbringing

Rodrigo Terpins was born in 1979 in Sao Paulo. His father, Jack Terpins was a renowned basketball player who played for the country’s national team. Michel was therefore exposed to sports at a tender age. His father supported them and played a huge role in instilling the love for sports in them. He started by competing in the junior motorcycle competitions before joining his brother in the car racing. Michel has been competing alongside his brother for two decades.


Michel Terpins performance in the field

There is no doubt that Michel Terpins has a strong passion for speed. He has dedicated his entire life to this industry, which has borne him fruits. He is the co-founder of Bull Serteos rally, which they founded with Rodrigo Terpins to help them compete in the annual off-road Bull Serteos rally championship.


Bull Serteos rally championship is the largest and the most awaited car racing competition in Brazil. It features various editions where experienced rally drivers are called upon to showcase their prowess behind the wheels. Michel and his brother have participated in this competition for four seasons where they have always emerged among the top rally drivers.


The 22nd edition of the Bull Serteos rally championship was held in 2014, and it was one of the toughest editions of the competition. The race started at Goiana and covered a total of 155km. Michel was competing alongside his co-navigator, Justo. The duo managed to pull an outstanding performance by leading in the first 62 kilometers. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Michel Terpins and Justo were aboard T-Rex, which developed mechanical problems before they could complete the race. Recently, Michel took part in the 25th edition of Bull Serteos rally championship that covered a total distance of 3,300km. Again, they showcased an exemplary performance and managed to finish in the 4th place overall.


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