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Most of Our Daily Calories and Weight Come From Processed Foods

May 26, 2015 - Author: steph

We think of burgers and fries from the greasy spoon restaurant down the street when we hear the term ‘processed foods’, but that’s not the only type of food which is processed. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recently stated that 61% of the food we eat is processed and over 1,000 of our daily calories comes from highly processed foods. That’s a lot of grease, oil, preservatives, chemicals and other additives that we are ingesting every day.

Or is it?

The USDA classifies any food that is not raw and in its original agricultural condition as being a processed food. Milk is processed, frozen vegetables and fruits are processed because they are not in their original state and fresh from the farm. To help consumers better understand what is considered to be processed food and what is not, there are classifications that differentiate between levels of processing.

* Minimally processed foods are things like eggs and frozen meat.
* Basic processed food consists of one ingredient, but has been altered in some way, like flour or sugar.
* Moderately processed foods are still recognizable as their original animal of plant source, but have many additives.
* Highly processed foods have so many additives that the original food is no longer recognizable.
With almost every food processed in some way, it’s easy to see how most of our daily calories and weight comes from processed foods.

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