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End Citizens United Engages In Successful Fundraising Efforts

August 26, 2017 - Author: steph

Every single day there are machinations going on behind the scenes in Washington D.C. that fundamentally change how our government works and by way of transience, our lives. In 2008 the Federal Exchange Commission (FEC) welcomed James Bopp, a timid and unassuming lawyer, into their court. Bopp argued that he should be allowed to air a hit piece against Hillary Clinton via on-demand video. The FEC laughed him out of the building. Two years later Bopp AGAIN appeared in court, this time in front of the Supreme Court on behalf of the conservative hit group Citizens United. He argued for looser campaign financing rules. He won.

Ever since Bopp and Citizens United won in their court case with the Supreme Court the wheels have fallen off in Washington D.C. and the United States government. Bopp’s argument was purely about making as much money as possible off of the backs of the American people. He wanted to free up the law so that millionaires and billionaires could literally pour money into the government in order to buy elected officials and get regulation passed or destroyed that was in their best benefit. Bopp continues to fight for even looser regulation to this day.

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Even if Bopp has been successful thus far in de-regulating the rules that keep our government operating, he hasn’t been unopposed. End Citizens United is a left leaning political action committee who’s sole focus is on repealing the disastrous and damaging Citizens United decision from 2010. End Citizens United is currently run by President Tiffany Muller and her goal has been single minded in focus: she wants to maker her PAC’s name a reality.

Ending Citizens United could be one of the biggest blows to crony capitalism that the United States has ever seen — so of course End Citizens United is being opposed vigorously by conservatives. Still, despite this opposition the American people are flooding the donation boxes in order to back Muller and her work. Through just the first quarter of Donald Trump’s disaster of a presidency the PAC has raised over $4 million. These donations are coming in hand over fist by people who believe in the cause. End Citizens United also has a donation limit so that millionaires can’t co-opt the campaign. The average donation is just $12.

End Citizens United needs to prepare for the 2018 Congressional races because much of the future of the country will be decided during these elections. That is why End Citizens United is getting so much money ready. They are going to support all of the progressives who are willing to fight for campaign finance reform. End Citizens United will try their best to stem the tide of dark money in politics for the benefit of everyone.

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