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Vijay Eswaran’s Golden Touch

April 25, 2018 - Author: steph

Born in Malaysia 58 years ago, Vijay Eswaran’s was an unknowingly beautiful year for his global followers, readers and those of similar philosophy. Vijay Eswaran, the Founder and CEO of the QI companies in Hong Kong, studied Economics at the Southern Illinois University and worked as a taxi driver to fund the course. Apart from entrepreneurship, he doubles up as philanthropist and author.

After college, he worked for IBM as an Information Systems Engineer and for several other companies in North America. After 13 years, he returned to Malaysia and established a multilevel marketing company and with an integration of the then not-popular, E-Commerce, the company quickly expanded to create the QI Group that revolutionized various services in Malaysia and offered travel services, telecommunications, training and investments. QI group has further grown to more than 30 counties providing direct sales through QNET, real estate, education, retail, and hospitality services.

In 2005, Vijay Eswaran published his first book, ‘In the Sphere of Silence.’ In this bestselling book, is the generational awakening of minds to living daily life, examining self-motives and insights, and the necessary discipline to accomplishing great things in life. He further describes the five characteristics of servant leadership, in an article that targets persons to corporates. First, citing the drive to create the will to sacrifice, the personal commitment to daily provable growth. Thirdly, the importance of having and being faithful to fulfill core values, the outward and inward clarity and drive of vision. Lastly, the care with servant leadership.

Change, a topic Vijay Eswaran focuses on in an article, ‘The Stages of Change,’ explains how people make decisions driven from within. Evolution has an overlapping effect, such that it happens and is a result of a series of events that affect it. In life, this engrosses mental, physical and spiritual beings. He further describes how changes attract change. As the degree of pain intensifies, change further happens to cause other areas to change too. Comfortable transformation is rare, and any change is better than no change. Lastly, he holds on to the idea that some things should never change, and therefore people should know what things to alter or not.

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