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Beneful; a new meaning in pet food

February 19, 2016 - Author: steph

With revolution in pet food industry towards human-fit food, Nestle Purina pet care has introduced a new brand of wet and dry dog food called Beneful. This product has proved to be Nestle Purina’s most significant product by revenue. The brand has generated for the company more than $1.5 billion in revenues annually.

Beneful dog food brand was introduced into the pet food market in the year 2001. Its most selling traits were its appearance and nutrition. The food contains beef pieces and resembles stew. The food is sold in well labeled packs, and can be found in almost all the big stores like Wal-Mart. Beneful packaging won the pack expo selects award in the year 2007 at the showcase of packaging innovations.

The ingredients that Beneful put into making its food include real meat and veggies rich in vitamins. They are also omega-rich and have antioxidants. The food is normally made to bring great textures and tastes and nourishment to the dogs. In these food productions at Purina, quality and cleanliness go together. They engage sanitation specialists, who cleanse and sanitize every area with solutions that cannot harm the pets. The friendly staffs at Purina are also pet owners, and feed their pets the same food they make. The products are also regularly checked for irregularities.

In promoting its great products, Beneful advertises on television, and customized billboards. The customized billboards have been installed in Los Angeles, Chicago, St Louis and Atlanta. Beneful also holds an annual competition called the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest. In the contest designs of dog parks are submitted to be considered for renovations. This program has been able to produce several parks in Alabama, Lancaster, Georgia, Pennyslavia, Alabaster and John’s creek – all for the good of dogs.


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