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North American Spine Brings Pain Relief to Thousands

January 19, 2015 - Author: steph

Dallas-based spinal clinic, North American Spine, is celebrating six years of operation. Specializing in the AccuraScope procedure, North American Spine has helped over 6,000 patients with the procedure, saving them, on average, over $20,000 apiece on follow-up medical procedures and pain management expenses.

North American Spine’s team of board-certified physicians work with partner clinics to deliver a minimally invasive spinal correction procedure. In the Accurascope procedure, a small incision is made at the base of the spine, and a small laparoscopic instrument is threaded into the incision with a small camera and a surgical instrument, such as a laser. The physician navigates up the spine and makes incisions to relieve pressure on the spinal column, to clear obstructions and relieve pain.

AccuraScope treatments are only intended for people with modest spinal pain issues; severely damaged spinal injuries and herniated discs are outside of the treatment range it can offer, but it has a better than 80% success rate in treating level 1 and level 2 chronic back pain conditions.

North American Spine is the exclusive developer and source for AccuraScope spinal treatments, and works with several clinics around the country. Even with expanding national coverage, the bulk of the procedures are handled in their Dallas Metroplex home office.

A large number of patients report immediate spinal pain relief, some even walking out of the clinic without the assistance of a cane for the first time in years. Over the six years North American Spine has been in business, they’ve garnered excellent reviews and endorsements from customers, including country-western performer Larry Gatlin. Gatlin turned to North American Spine to relieve 47 years of chronic leg pain.

“I am a new man. The little bit of soreness I have now is a lot different than a whole lot of pain,” Gatlin said. “I’m a happy camper. It’s a miracle in my life and I am grateful for it.”

North American Spine’s team are experts in spine surgery and interventional pain management, with training in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery and patient wellness. The outpatient procedure is fast and efficient, and is often done in 30 to 45 minutes.

Six years of medical procedures are a proven track record for helping thousands of patients regain their lives, their mobility and a pain-free existence, gaining the flexibility and mobility that chronic back pain have taken from them. If you suffer from back pain, talk to a physician at North American Spine about AccuraScope.

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Blawsom People: Tom Rothman

January 8, 2015 - Author: steph

Tom Rothman: One Of Hollywood’s Most Important Film Executives

**Note: This year I decided to start doing profiles of impressive people I stumble across while working on my site. I call them Blawsom People. If you have an idea for a Blawsom Person I should profile, please send it in!
Tom Rothman is one of Hollywood’s most important film executives and the head of TriStar Productions for Sony Pictures. He presided over the creation of Titanic and Avatar, the two highest grossing films of all time. He also presided over many other hit movies such as Moulin Rouge. Thanks to these and many other hits he helped produce, Fox Filmed Entertainment had $30 billion dollars in box office revenues during his years there.

Tom Rothman started his career in the film industry in 1986. That year he co-produced Robert Frank’s Candy Mountain and Jim Jarmusch’s Down by Law. Their cumulative success was so great that just a year later he was handpicked to become an executive vice president of Columbia Pictures. Two years later he became an even more important figure: a president of Worldwide Production for the Samuel Goldwyn Company. During his years there he was involved in the production of such important movies as The Madness of King George, Much Ado About Nothing, Wild At Heart, and Longtime Companion, not to to mention Truly Madly Deeply and Henry V. While working on these movies, he helped launch the careers of some of the world’s greatest filmmakers. Two of these filmmakers are Ang Lee and Anthony Minghella. But the careers of these talented men are not the only accomplishment he had while working there. He also managed to help produce some of the company’s most prestigious films, including the three ones which won the coveted Palme d’Or at Cannes.

In 1994, he continued his film career at Fox Filmed Entertainment. His successes at Samuel Goldwyn Company apparently impressed the bigwigs of this company. They invited him to join their team as president of Fox Searchlight. But his journey to the top did not stop there. He was quickly promoted and eventually became chief executive officer and co-chairman. This happened in 2001. Since that time Fox Filmed Entertainment never suffered a quarterly loss, a rare feat in Hollywood. Today he’s at the head of TriStar Productions for Sony with films in the works starring Hollywood’s brightest stars. He truly has a career to aspire to and totally deserves a profile as one of my Blawsom People.

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Philanthropist and Immigrant Angel, Laurene Powell Jobs

December 1, 2014 - Author: steph

This day and age, you will not find many people who don’t know who Steve Jobs is. What you will have trouble finding is people that know about his wife and her work in the US immigrant reform. Trust me, you will not be the only person out of the loop with this information. Laurene Powell Jobs is a very humble, generous woman when it comes to immigrant reform. It is not very often you will see a press conference with Powell Jobs handing off some ridiculously large cardboard check, with an insane amount of zeros to some cute little girl with braids in her hair. Nope, she does not like that kind of attention when it comes to her philanthropy work. And now she is getting the attention of politicians on Capitol Hill for her work.

With illegal immigrants becoming more prominent in our country, Powell Jobs took a profound interest in the children of these immigrants. She took a notice of how little help the children had when it came to finishing or just getting to high school. In a 2013 Daily Mail interview, she was discussing her husband when asked what got her interested in immigrant reform Powell Jobs states “I started getting more and more active around immigration reform because this was such a waste of lives, such a waste of potential, such a waste for our country not to have the human capital that we developed — geared toward improving our entire society,” With that in mind, in 1997 in East Palo Alto she co-founded College Track. This program would provide extracurricular activities, tutors, and college prep for economically disadvantaged young people. With this aid that these kids were receiving, they were able to become the first person in their family to graduate high school and to have a chance at going to college.

The College Track program started doing great things when helping with disadvantaged kids. These kids were doing fantastic! They were not, however, able to go to college due to them being an illegal immigrant. These students were able to attend and succeed in high school but that is where the government stops providing. To Powell Jobs, it was a huge waste of resourcefully smart individuals. So in 2001 she proposed the DREAM ACT, Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors. This act would provide legal status to morally good students that could graduate high school.

Though she is not that well known, Laurene Powell Jobs is definitely a great person and behind-the-scenes philanthropist. She may be wealthy, but when it comes to helping out illegal immigrant children, she stands above the rest.

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Meet People Your Way With Skout

November 27, 2014 - Author: steph

Many people are in search of that special someone. Sometimes they are genuinely looking for someone that they can spend the rest of their life with and sometimes they merely want some companionship. However, it is getting more and more difficult to accomplish these goals in the traditional sense, thanks largely to increased work schedules and the demands of living life in modern times. As a result, many people make the decision to turn to social networking websites in the hopes of meeting other individuals who find themselves in similar positions.

This is where Skout comes in. Skout is a unique social networking website, but it has kicked things up a notch by also creating specialized apps that are available for its users. As a result, it has become one of the most convenient social networking entities to use. In addition, it works on a very simple platform that allows people to meet other individuals who may be interested in developing relationships. As opposed to shoving the entire concept down your throat, VentureBeat explains that Skout gives you the chance to do things your way without making you feel pressured to go on a specific number of dates or answer a ton of questions.

Although the website and the apps are relatively new, Skout has been able to grow at a rather remarkable rate. In just a short time, the company announced on Facebook that it is now available in more than 100 countries worldwide. There are a couple of reasons for its popularity. For example, it costs nothing to download it on CNET and nothing to join. This makes it appealing to potential users because they do not have to put forth any money in order to derive the potential benefits from the use of the site. In addition, the company has apps that are available for both the iPhone and the Android operating system, allowing everyone that has a smartphone to enjoy the app in one capacity or another.

The other reason that this company has become so popular is directly related to the way that it operates. It allows you to find other single people in your geographic area and it lets you decide how to proceed by providing you with the chances to meet people at your own pace. However, the decision is completely up to you and there is no pressure to meet a certain individual if you are not interested, which many followers on Twitter are happy about.

Perhaps the greatest thing about this company is that it is dedicated to safety and privacy. As a result, the company has created two entirely separate communities. One is available for adults and the other has been created specifically for teens, keeping in mind the extra safety precautions that need to be in place in order for them to use it safely. As a result, Skout has become a company that truly understands what people are looking for and provides them with the opportunity to find companionship in a variety of capacities without taking up the majority of their time. When all of these benefits of using either the company’s website or one of its apps are considered, it is easy to understand why so many individuals are interested in using it to meet new people and foster new relationships.

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11 Pounds Lost in 4 Days

November 18, 2014 - Author: steph

Losing weight is usually easier said than done, just ask Vijay Eswaran about that one. People all over the forums say just ingest fewer calories and exercise more. A new study by Dr. Jose Calbert recently published in The Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports explored this idea in an unconventional way.

Researchers had a group of men ingest just 360 calories a day mostly in liquid form such as protein drinks. They were then instructed to engage in vigorous exercise for about 10 hours a day with 10 minute breaks in between. The results were not surprising given the amount of deprivation these men went through. In just four days they were found to have lost about 11 pounds each.

The interesting results came when they did not gain all the weight back after they went off this plan. Dr. Calbert said “We thought they would overeat and regain the weight lost”. He was surprised to see that a month after being back in their regular lifestyles, most of the men had lost an additional two pounds. In fact, a year after the experiment most of them were still down five pounds from their initial weight.

These results increased Dr. Calbert’s curiosity, so he hopes to conduct similar studies on women in the future. He would like to find out if these same results would occur in women. His goal is to formulate a healthy successful program for weight loss using this information.

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Acts of Kindness: Do Others Notice?

November 11, 2014 - Author: steph

Acts of kindness can be seen every day. There may have been a time when someone may have picked up something you have dropped or opened a door for you like they do everytime you visit North American Spine. These simple acts of kindness happens every day around the globe. However, are these acts of kindness actually notice by others in a positive way? Many people may perceive acts of kindness as a sign of weakness. Despite this, being kind to others is actually a strength many can learn from.

Helping Others

Helping others in a genuine way is heartwarming. As a matter fact, you can start small to help others. These simple acts of kindness are supported by scientific studies that show how emotions and happiness can create a longer life full of joy. To begin helping others, you can simply open a door or pick up something they may have dropped and return it to them. It’s definitely a strength that holds a lot of virtue.


In many neighborhoods, children and adults often sell lemonade to raise funds for a cause or person. However the kindness behind the lemonade they sell, often extends past the actual action of selling the lemonade. This is because helping others in a genuine way is an outstanding act or action to show that someone else matters. It shows that someone cares about another human being. These simple acts of kindness are often notice by millions of people every day.

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An Emotionally Charged Wardrobe

November 5, 2014 - Author: steph

The infamous mood rings that first made a public appearance around 1966 have enjoyed a relatively long run in the spotlight. Not only are they still around, but they now have some friends to play with as well. Necklaces, earrings, and bracelets accompany the original mood changing rings, and seemingly give away the emotional status of the wearer.

Perhaps it was the popularity of this color changing mood jewelry that sparked London designers to begin experimenting with an unusual new project. Lauren Bowker, a long time master of all things fashion is currently working on a significant idea involving wearable fabric with unique properties. Much like the traditional mood jewelry, the unnamed material will feature the ability to translate changes in physiological activity into new colors. So cool, just wait until the team at North American Spine hears about this.

Whether the new textile will be based on heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, brain waves still remains to be seen. The possibilities are quite intriguing, and wearers would have to be pretty brave to get ready for work and wear a dress that may turn red when they get angry with their boss or a coworker. Conversely, will a club dress made of this fabric let a potential suitor know that a woman is interested in a dance? Maybe the world is simply not ready for this wearable technology. Some things, like certain moods, should remain a secret thought rather than announced to the public.

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Beauty After Breast Cancer: The Kickstarter You Need to Support

October 15, 2014 - Author: steph

There are a plethora of great ideas for unique photography books on kickstarter. However, none are quite as important, or thought provoking as Beauty After Breast Cancer. Big thanks to Marnie Bennett for actually sending me the link to this project, where I’m definitely going to be donating.

The project was created by Katelyn Carey, and is planned to showcase women in different stages of breast cancer treatment, and recovery.

This is one of the coolest ideas that I’ve heard of in a while, and you have to check out the kickstarter here. Please donate if you can, everybody!

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