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New Period Panties Invented by 3 Feminists

June 3, 2015 - Author: steph

Menstruation is a much stigmatized subject all over the world. In fact, the stigma is so deep rooted that advertisements about feminine hygiene products use a blue liquid instead of a red one. Heaven forfend people get a slice of the real world, eh? However, three feminist individuals have broken the fourth wall and this new fashionable invention might topple the feminine hygiene product industry. It’s period panties. There are 4 layers in these panties and here is what these layers do –

Layer 1: Moisture Free – During menstruation, leaking or spilling is common but the top layer is made using moisture wicking technology that would keep you dry all day long.

Layer 2: Anti Microbial – A silver treatment (invisible in nature) would ensure that you don’t suffer from any bacterial infections that are so common during periods, especially the first and second day.

Level 3: Super Absorbent – Depending on the underwear style chosen, this third layer would be able to absorb as much blood as two tampons. Now, this is the best thing anyone has ever come up with.

Level 4: No Leaks – Even if you decide to wear your stylish white pants during heavy flow days, the panties would ensure that you get no stains on them.

The cost of these panties is around $24 to $34, and a few styles are available reports Susan McGalla. They have been designed by THINX.

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