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Common Orthopedic Procedures that Are Billed to Insurance Each Year

April 18, 2017 - Author: steph

There many orthopedic procedures that surgeons perform each year, but total joint replacement is at the top of the list as of 2016. Patients who have suffered from arthritis for many years may often tire of injections and medication, ending their case with total joint replacement in an attempt to receive comfort and greater range of motion.

Shoulders are delicate, and this is why shoulders are the common culprit of many orthopedic surgeries. While it’s true that many begin with a simple arthroscopic procedure, it is also true that many patients over the age of 50 end with a total shoulder replacement. This is an option for those who tire of painful injections in the joints around the shoulder and are seeking a more permanent solution.

Spine surgery is the third most common orthopedic procedure. Many individuals experience low back pain and strain, and are often given painful injections or nerve blocks to reduce the pain and reduce inflammation. Three injections per year is the maximum allowed, giving the patient a short window to decide on surgery or other modalities.

Gregory Finch, an orthopedic surgeon works in Douglas and provides orthopedic care and surgery when needed for the spine. Greg Finch worked with various world leaders both in the USA and Australia in order to learn the very best methods and medications for those who suffer from pain and other problems with the spine.

Dr. Greg Finch focuses on procedures for the spine that are minimally invasive, and at this time, he is focused on training in the very best methods and techniques available for all procedures relating to the spine.

Those who wish to get the best spine care, and those who wish to be under the care of the very best spinal surgeons in Australia should consider booking a consultation with Dr. Greg Finch.

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