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Review of New Lip Balm from EOS

November 10, 2017 - Author: steph

The introduction of Evolution of Smooth (EOS) new vegan flavored lip balm has excited many people. The new lip balm commodity is favorable to EOS loyal customers as well as those who did not some of their lip balms in the past because of some ingredients used in their manufacture. The new vegan crystal flavored lip balm is more appealing to many people worldwide says The EOS lip balms are known for their little round dispensers. The new vegan crustal flavored lip product has the same products as the previous lip balms although the balm to the lip product is visible. The new product is organic, clear and is free of animal by-products.

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The EOS lip balm has been existence for many years although the beeswax flavor prevented customers from enjoying the vegan flavor. Evolution of Smooth started selling the new vegan crystal lip balm on their website the same say the released it. The company received numerous positive feedback in a short time from the clients that was unexpected.

The EOS lip balm has recorded high sales because of the lowest prices it sells at. The package sells at only $5.49. According to EOS, customers can get the lip balm from the local Wallgreens, Walmart, Target Stores and the CVS. The stores recorded high sales after the release. In the recent past, Chapstick was the leading retailing lip balm. The lip balm that dominated the market for one decade was replaced by lip balm orbs that were produced by the EOS.

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EOS currently uses the social media most of the time to market their products. Their presence in the social media in significant with more than 7 million Facebook followers and 1.8 million Instagram followers. The company has also partnered with fashion companies like the Keds and together the produces an EOS shoe that was accompanied with a matching lip balm.

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