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July 23, 2019 - Author: steph, otherwise known as Jingdong is a very successful e-commerce company in China. Indeed, does billions in sales each year and their founder, Richard Liu Qiangdong is worth billions of dollars on paper, has been recognized not only for their impressive sales. Indeed, won the SEAL Award for their sustainability measures over the years.


And as the CEO of Jingdong, Richard Liu has been able to turn his brick and mortar shops that were about selling clothing into a true e-commerce giant that has been spoken in the same breath along with, CEO Jack Ma’s company.


At one time, the SARS epidemic had directly affected many cities in 2003, in China. Richard Liu had chosen the e-commerce mode after SARs caused a real issue with his businesses. Due to the culture shock of the SARS virus, it ended up hurting Richard Liu’s retail brick and mortar business model until he succeeded with the e-commerce model over the last five-plus years. Go To This Page for related information.


Going all-in on an e-commerce business model instead of the 12 brick-and-mortar shops was an excellent choice for Richard Liu. In that small frame of time that Jingdong has been in existence, Liu Qiangdong’s B2C company has become a billion-dollar firm. Richard Liu has focused on items like electronics, fashion, shoes and much more. is considered the third biggest company in terms of revenue in the world.


Only and Google are larger. As of 2018, had revenues of 67.2 billion dollars, which equates to 427 billion CNY. Ricard Liu Qiangdong became the CEO in 2004 and has been in that position ever since.


Liu Qiangdong has been a corporate leader who has created a Corporate Responsibility Program (CRP). This program has produced some big successes as far as promoting and encouraging many key sustainability measures.


Richard Liu Qiangdong is also adamant about making sure that people on the earth can be protected from industrial pollution and other waste. Richard Liu won the SEAL awards for protecting the environment. Libo Ma, who is’s head of the Corporate Responsibility Program, has been a strong leader when it comes to attaining “green” related goals.


Visit their page on


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July 9, 2019 - Author: steph is known for being pretty innovative. Not only does the e-retailer use the latest and greatest in advancing technology, it also has an advanced business model. One aspect of this business model is retail as a service. This is where JD markets its actual infrastructure to help other businesses. They have utilized it to promote blockchain tech and even handle the physical chore of procurement. Now, in the wake of 5G cell networks they are offering something new, the Industrial Internet of Things.

JD Logistics has been playing around with the “IIoT” for a while. The business group that exists inside strives to improve its infrastructure. So far it has done a good job. has the ability to deliver same- or next-day orders by a 90% margin. Most of this accomplished by real-time communication of people and smart devices throughout JD’s supply chain. The speeds offered by 5G networks optimize this to the point that people may not even be needed. The real-world implications of 5G have been so great that Jingdong cannot keep it to itself anymore. So it is sharing it with other businesses.

The “IIoT”allows any device with internet access to talk to other devices on the same network. The logistics information such communication provides optimize supply chains and allows the overall infrastructure to move fluidly. A good example would be smart trucks monitoring themselves. A truck with a computer system installed can examine its capacity and communicate the number with other systems. See Related Link for additional information.

The communication happens in real-time and boosts transportation efficiency. This is what has been happening with’s deliveries. In every case there is a person instigating the communication but 5G has the ability to weed this out. Instead machines would be communicating with machines and making necessary adjustments themselves.

The implications are vast and has decided to pass the promise on. It is allowing its “IIoT”to be available to other companies. The hope is that together they can fully explore the possibilities 5G logistics presents. Overall it could reduce errors, delivery times, optimize inventory, and positively affect the environment.


Visit their channel on


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Do You Need To Add A Reputation Management Service To Your Payroll?

July 20, 2016 - Author: steph

If you have any sort of online presence, the answer to that question is most likely yes. Back in the day when people would commit on how fast rumors would travel through the neighborhood. By the end of the day everyone would know who did what. Now, thanks to modern technology, information whether factual or not travels at an unbelievable rate. It takes seconds to make a post.

For businesses, a reputation management firm can help improve your SEO. They can help to bring the positive information to the top of a search engine search while balancing anything that is negative with positive content. By now you know that one wrong picture or one wrong post can lead to a major meltdown.

Reputation firms are not only for businesses. Individuals can also benefit from hiring a firm. Take a moment and look back at your social media accounts. A potential employer will be searching those accounts. They will also see what else pops up when you are Googled. Your online presence can do great harm to you when you are looking for a job, trying to buy a house, and everything else that you are trying to achieve.

Now that you know you need one, how do you choose the best firm for you? Do your homework and know what your goals are. Are you looking for someone to manage your online presence or fix a problem you are having now? There are many companies that can help.

One such company is Better Reputation. They work with both individuals and businesses. They take time to understand what your goals and act accordingly. They guarantee their work and will provide a free quote.

For more information check out the links below:

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Why you should consider finding an Online Reputation Management Service

May 20, 2016 - Author: steph

Without a good reputation, any business will eventually fail. No customer will want to use a service or a product that is known to cause negative experience among customers.

Especially with the development of Internet, if your business makes one mistake, your reputation can tank to the ground since information spreads like a virus on the Internet. Or if you have a good reputation, you want to maintain and keep building off of the reputation that you worked hard to build.

Due to these reasons, choosing an Online Reputation Management (ORM) firm to help businesses build their brand has become one of the most important steps in having success.

Online Reputation Management firms like Better Reputation help clients protect their brand through methods of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Management, Content Development and Management, Social Media Management, and Third-Party Website Monitoring.

According to Eric Schiffer, the Chairman of ORM company Reputation Management Consultants, managing your reputation is good for new and young businesses to gain exposure.

New businesses have a hard time getting their names out as often times, people don’t even know these businesses exist. With the help of ORM, those businesses can get their names out there for people to see.

Another benefit of ORM is that if you have a bad reputation, using reputation management tools such as SEO can help “hide” some of those bad reviews and comments.

It is not easy choosing which ORM company will best suit your need, so choose a reputable service like Better Reputation, and help your brand take the right step towards success.

Visit Better Reputation’s website today!

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