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Rocketship Education’s Many Keys to Success

November 8, 2017 - Author: steph

Rocketship Education is thought of as a leader in personalized education thanks to the product created by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2007. The school takes home in Redwood City, California, near the San Francisco Bay Area. Much like the area it comes from, Rocketship Education is located only in low-income areas throughout the United States of America. As a charter school, parents and guardians aren’t required to notch any expensive tuition like their private counterparts require.

This is arguably one of the best parts of Rocketship Education according to the many parents that are involved with their activities on a daily basis. Even though they don’t have the resources that some private schools do, they do very well for the low-income areas that they are from. The goal of Rocketship Education is to offset the generational disadvantage people born in diverse or low-income families experience throughout their careers, something its 3,800-odd students are getting help with each and every moment they spend at the leading charter school.

One of the most important reasons Rocketship Education is touted as one of the best in public education is because it requires its teachers to adjust their lesson plans to feedback taken from students and parents. Even the best teachers don’t keep each one of the students on the same learning level as others. Personalized education helps destroy the disadvantage many of these students experience when they are not kept up to speed with others.

Preston Smith recently shared that there are ten things every educator should hold their schools and students to, regardless of what discipline they’re in or what rank they old.

Rocketship Education has thousands of students across the United States that are likely to perform better in their lives since RSED has lifted their prospects from the dregs of most low-income families’ potential offered to younger generations.

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