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NGP VAN: Using Technology to Gain Advantage for the Elections

June 19, 2018 - Author: steph

The 2018 United States midterm elections are just around the corner, and the Democrats have been using their secret weapon to advance their candidates. NGP VAN is Washington D.C.-based Company that developed a software program that can be used to increase a candidate’s voter’s turn out. NGP VAN showcased its real power during the United States Presidential Elections in the year 2008 and 2012, where former President Barack Obama won by a considerable margin. NGP VAN can communicate with other devices to inform their owners about the candidate, and according to the creator of the software program, it would drastically change how candidates will be campaigning.


Several decades ago, candidates for elections had relied upon the more advanced television and radio to win the hearts of the people. Those who utilize the TV and the radio for their campaigns ended up winning the elections. Experts are saying that the same thing happens today, with NGP VAN being the counterpart of the television and the radio when it was first introduced decades ago. The Democrats are stating that the elections could be in their favor if NGP VAN would be utilized in the right way. The software program displays information about the political affiliation of a particular neighborhood, and this information will be transmitted to those who are heading the campaign. Using big data, they can track each supporter and determine if they can be persuaded to vote on the day of the elections to increase the voter’s turnout.


NGP VAN stated that they would do everything to satisfy the Democrat Party, which has been their client for over a decade. NGP VAN is also being used by different groups and organizations around the world, most notably the Liberal Party of Canada. The Democrats thought that the technology behind NGP VAN is impressive, and it is the reason why they got the service from the company. NGP VAN was also used during the 2016 Presidential Elections; however, Hillary Clinton faced defeat over Donald Trump. The Democrat Party stated that is only the electoral council which have made Donald Trump won, but because of NGP VAN, they managed to get high votes for Hillary Clinton.



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