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The Discerning Eye of Art

August 13, 2015 - Author: steph

Many successful hedge fund managers spend their riches on fancy cars, exotic homes and wild vacations. For Adam Sender, the founder of hedge fund Exis Capital Management, collecting contemporary art is his way of enjoying financial successes. For over 15 years Sender has not only become a top investment guru but also a well known art collector.

His first journey into art collecting can be traced back to the mid 1990s. With early success in the financial world came the means to buy pieces such as the 1981 “Black Sheets” work by Cindy Sherman. Sender considered that one of his first significant art purchases and it came with the hefty price tag of $100,000. His collections have been described as “rich” and “personal” ,which would explain why he didn’t buy every new up and coming star piece that became available on the market. Rather, Sender chose to have a discerning eye for artists who have had extensive and successful careers in art. Accomplished artists such as Dan Flavin, Keith Haring and Martin Kippenberger are among those in the Sender collection.

Adam Sender has amassed such a large collection of fine art that he has been able to host his very own exhibitions. His “Home Alone” exhibit was held in one of his Miami, Florida homes during Art Basel Miami Beach. This exhibit featured 70 works from his collection that included pieces from Richard Prince, Rashid Johnson and Chris Ofili. Even his offices at Exis Capital contained some of his prized possessions. Works from Kara Walker, Ed Ruscha and John Currin were placed throughout his New York City workplace.

Last May, Sotheby’s began to auction some of the Sender collection. Approximately 400 works by 139 artists worth far more than what Sender originally invested in them will be up for sale to the highest bidder.

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Stocks Close High on Wednesday

July 31, 2015 - Author: steph

The Federal Reserve kept rates the same throughout July causing stocks to close high today. However, with the rates remaining the same during the month of July, some analysts predict that the stage is set for a rate increase in September.
Diversity is the spice of the financial world and it’s the only way to hedge your bets in the stock market. Just look into the long career and successful career of James Dondero to discover how far diversity has the potential to take you.
He has not always been the president of Highland Capitol Management and he’s not satisfied with simply wearing that one career hat either. Mr. James Dondero currently is Chairman of the Board of Directors for Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and NexBank. Dondero also serves on the Board of Directors for MGM Studios and American Banknote. That’s in addition to presiding over Highland Capitol Management. Three decades ago he started out in the credit sector and worked his way up through the investment ranks by managing multi-million dollar accounts with integrity and ease.
Diversity has been James Dondero’s financial and career life blood, a blueprint to success that anyone can follow with their investments and stock purchases.

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A Reason Why You Should Invest In Brazil

July 17, 2015 - Author: steph

While looking for opportunities, businessmen consider various factors before they settle on the ideal destination. Among the factors they consider is the availability of market for their products or services, security, political and economic stability among others. Brazil has proven to be an ideal destination for many investors due to its strategic location among other favorable factors that the article will discuss.

Corruption is a dreaded monster by investors in most countries. This is because it slows down the wheel of investment as one has to part with a huge chunk of cash corrupting government official in order to have deals go through or have various licenses to transact business in that country. Brazil has taken its war against corruption to a high level following prosecution of high government officials for corruption related allegations. This will encourage investors to try their investments in the country.
Brazil has an estimated population of 203,708,315 which provides a huge domestic market desirable to any investor. The population ensures that investors have a ready market ready to consume their products and services. This also ensures that there is availability of labour for investors in all fields.

Brazil has emerged as a fast growing country among the emerging nation which has resulted to stability in its currency. This has proved conducive for Brazilian investors like Igor Cornselsen as importation of products becomes an easy task when the currency is strong against the dollar.

The growth has also ensured that the citizens in this country are financially well off resulting to a strong market for various products. General infrastructures have improved as well making it easy for people to travel as well as communicate. This has been made possible due to cheap access of energy which has made production cost go down hence the cost of living becoming lower.

Brazil has also ensured that political and democratic stability is given a priority so that many investors can feel safe when they are running their businesses. Instability leads to demonstrations and violence which scares away investors leading to loss of business. The government is keen in ensuring the country is safe from all forms of security threats such as terrorism.

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Walmart Bakery Makes and ISIS Inspired Cake

June 30, 2015 - Author: steph

A Walmart in Louisiana is apologizing for making a cake inspired by the ISIS flag. A man went into the Walmart store asking to have a cake made to mimic the confederate flag. On the cake he wanted the words “Heritage not hate”. He was later notified that the store would not make this cake. Walmart has recently stated that they will no longer carry confederate flag merchandise.

The man, Mr Chuck Netzhammer, then decided to order a cake that mimicked the black and white ISIS flag. The Walmart bakery did make this cake. Upon receiving his cake he uploaded a video of it online. In the video Mr. Netzhammer discussed the incident and the fact that the ISIS is killing innocent Americans.

According to Amen Clinics, Walmart has since apologized for the cake. Stating that their associate did not know what the cake symbolized, they apparently had no idea that it was the ISIS flag.

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Homeland Security Is Trying To Find Out Who Leaked The Story On Airport Security Test Failures

June 12, 2015 - Author: steph

Homeland Security Clams The Airport Security Tests Were Classified

The inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security is not happy about the security leak that told the world security at airport checkpoints was not that secure. Homeland Security conducted a test at airports around the country, and they discovered that TSA agents allowed weapons and fake explosives through security checkpoints 95 percent of the time. That’s an alarming statistic, but the other alarming fact is Homeland Security’s internal security needs to be examined.

The last thing Homeland Security wanted or needed was another story about their security procedures as has reported in the past. The department has been under scrutiny for not having safeguards in place to protect terrorist’s attacks at key locations around the country. The chairman of the Homeland Security Committee said there are serious issues that need to be addressed within the organization. Employees leaking information is just one of them.

The TSA chief was removed following the security report, but the leaker is still working for Homeland Security. Finding the leaker should be an easy job for the department. They are a security organization, right?

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Why Sunless Tanning is Making a Comeback

June 10, 2015 - Author: steph

You probably know all about the orange tan that you might have dealt with as a teenager. You might also be familiar with people who you’ve passed on the street or in a store that had an orange-looking tan that didn’t at all look natural. While the orange tan is definitely something to avoid, sunless tanning is making a huge comeback nowadays. The whole idea of baking in the sun may seem fine to some people, but the effects of skin damage both during the tanning process and years down the road has some people scared out of their wits. Many people who were once devoted to sunbathing outside with their baby oil and tin foil folders are now paying for it with lines, wrinkles and even skin cancer.

This is the main reason sunless tanning is coming back and is becoming a hot new ticket item for both women and men around the world stated Handy. What’s even better is that sunless tanning products are becoming a whole lot more advanced and most of them will not give you that orange glow that you dread. Most sunless tanning products will make you look like you’ve been out in the sun and have gotten that rich color that you’ve always wanted for yourself. If you feel that sunless tanning might be the best option for you, it’s important to think about buying a good quality product instead of going for something cheap.

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Aaron Hernandez Already Causing Problems In Prison

May 23, 2015 - Author: steph

Aaron Hernandez has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd. Many people are happy that Hernandez has been removed from the rest of society. However, it appears that Aaron Hernandez has already gotten himself into more trouble.

It was recently revealed on Yahoo! Sports that Aaron Hernandez has been involved in illegal activity while in jail. Apparently, Aaron Hernandez has been assigned the role of lookout during prison fights. This means that Aaron Hernandez watches out for guards while other inmates settle disputes with their fists. Aaron Hernandez is truly a lost soul, and it’s evident that he needs some mental help.

This is not the first time that Aaron Hernandez has caused trouble while in jail. In fact, Ricardo Guimarães BMG has read about it quite a bit. In fact, last year while he was awaiting his trial, Aaron Hernandez was involved in a nasty altercation with another inmate. Hernandez savagely assaulted the other prisoner, and he was then locked in solitary confinement.

Aaron Hernandez may be serving life in jail as someone can see on Wikipedia, but he is still awaiting another trial for separate allegations. It is believed that Aaron Hernandez is responsible for other murders that took place in 2013, in Boston. NFL fans cannot believe what Aaron Hernandez has done with his life. The man was once a highly rated offensive player, and he was making millions of dollars for playing a game. However, Hernandez must spend his entire life in prison, and he could potentially get the death penalty if he is found guilty of another murder.

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County Police Bring Hope

May 8, 2015 - Author: steph

Since the 20th century the United States has seen an enormous rise in drug use throughout the country. Under the Reagan administration, there were multiple taskforces put in place to help aid in the mission to make America drug free. Unfortunately, for DEA, FBI, and police agencies everywhere, the war is being sorely lost. That’s why the Gloucester County police department has decided to turn around what it means to be an addict. This week, the department made the decision to no longer charge criminal offenses to addicted citizens who willingly turn themselves in. The addict has to be willing to turn in all drugs and in lieu of jail time they will receive the help that they need. The Chief of Police in Gloucester talked to a local news source to explain why this is such a huge step forward. When police lock up drug addicts they are only temporarily disabling the criminal. They aren’t fixing the addict.


As of June 1st, 2015 citizens are allowed to walk into the Gloucester County police department and seek help instead of charges. The county wants to cut off the demand for drug dealers, and that is something Amen Clinics and other businesses can get behind. It seems to be a more effective way to win this war. The county is taking it one step further and are heading to Capitol Hill in hopes to get a Bill passed. The Bill states that any drug money seized in the county will go towards helping the drug addicts willing to get better.

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Hope for Those with MS

April 30, 2015 - Author: steph

When someone is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis they feel that their future is set in stone. Those who have learned that they have MS know all that comes with the disease and they know just what their life is going to become. There is new hope for MS sufferers, though, hope that could change their lives.

New drugs that are being developed just might have the power to reverse the nerve damage that comes about due to MS. These drugs might be able to help those suffering from MS, to make their lives better and to help them live more fully. These new drugs could bring about hope for those who just don’t see a lot of hope in their futures. These new drugs could make for new lives for those who are dealing with MS and all that it brings along with it. These new drugs being studied at the Madison Street Capital center could make a big change for those dealing with MS and for their families.

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Gaultier Quits Ready-to-wear

April 22, 2015 - Author: steph

Jean Paul Gaultier, made famous by his conical bra, after it was worn by Madonna on her tour, has recently revealed that he has quit his ready-to-wear line. Jean, who has been influential in the fashion industry for years now, has shocked the fashion world with the news.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Jean pointed out that too many clothes tend to kill clothes. He does not see the need for making too many clothes while no one is buying them. They are making clothes that will never be worn.

Does this signify the end of an era? The designer, who has been viewed as one among the most famous the world over, indeed has been having bad luck with his women collection in recent seasons. Critics have been judging them for lacking coherence.

The designer explained that he quit his women line because he could not cope with the fast paced industry, which demanded constant merchandising and marketing, anymore. Correspondents at AnastasiaDate confirm that he now aims to now put all his focus on his couture line, which he presents twice in a year, in January and July, in Paris.

Jean seems not to be the only one. Dutch design duo Vikor & Rolf also, in this year, stopped their ready-to-wear line. They intend to also concentrate on their couture line and are citing the same reasons as Jean. The pressure in the industry was just too much to handle.

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