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A Short Review Of EOS Vegan Lip Balm

November 27, 2017 - Author: steph

Introducing The New EOS Vegan Flavor

When a new wave of product is introduced into the oral care industry, people tend to shift their preferences to the new product. This is often linked to high expectations in terms of ingredients and composition. In the lip balm industry for example, it is normally great news with most consumers hoping to enjoy the services of the product. EOS was introduced to the oral care industry when there was one brand of lip care product. Chapstick barely had more than two flavors. Taking over the industry, EOS registered unparalleled growth.


The vegan flavor

Recently, EOS lip balm introduced a new flavor to the market. The vegan flavor has been the talk throughout the year. People are going frenzy over this flavor. Crowd sourcing, as most businesses understand its impact, is working for EOS lip balm. Consumers are using feedback from the seasoned clients to purchase the vegan flavor of EOS here at Appealing is far from the word that better describes this lip balm. The clear crystal composition makes it the people’s preferred choice.


The natural composition

EOS lip balm encompasses other flavors as well. The iconic brand is prominent for introducing a series of vegan flavors in impeccable containers. Although still in the same attractive shape of container, it is evident that the chemical composition of this lip balm is relatively healthier. For those who are allergic to unnatural flavors, the new crystal flavor could be the best option, see here. Long-time clients have testified by giving positive reviews concerning the lip care product.


The conclusion

There is one amazing factor that EOS lip balm harbors; the natural composition of ingredients. This is a selling point for this brand, as often, consumers have linked the lip balm to natural, soft lips. EOS lip balm comes in different varieties as well. That is an additional selling point.


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