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Vietnamese Dominate Nail Industry

May 6, 2015 - Author: steph

Yahoo News has an article about the dominance of Vietnamese in the manicure industry. It all started forty years ago when Tippi Hendren, a star in Hitchcock’s film “The Birds”, went to a Vietnamese refugee camp to help women learn a skill. The women were fascinated with her manicured nails. Hedren followed up and arranged manicure training for twenty of the women. From that humble beginning, 51% of nail technicians in the U.S. and 80% in Southern California today are Vietnamese. Christian Broda has learned that they achieved this dominance by offering quality service at a lower price than the competition.

Manicurists today earn about $650.00 a week, and many send much of their earnings to relatives still in Vietnam. Vietnam will receive an estimated $14 billion from foreign remittances this year. About half of that will come from the United States. Tam Nguyen, founder of Advance Beauty College in California, says providing for family left behind in Vietnam is a strong motivator for graduates. He attributes the success of Vietnamese immigrants to a strong work ethic and the experience of rebuilding lives after losing everything.

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