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Building a Relentless Team – Advice from Chairman of Jason River Capital

April 26, 2019 - Author: steph

Have you ever wondered how do people build entire corporations from zero? It usually takes a lot of persistence and excellent work. But at some point we are all tempted to quit some challenge or routine specially because doing something new and different looks attractive.


Paul Sanders has experienced this scenario all the time. He not only made the right decisions to stay in the game and make all those achievements but also found a way to transfer his devotion to his employees as well.


Paul Sanders is currently the president of Jason River Capital, known before as KP futures Management Corporation. He has shown impressive leadership for almost 30 years when inspiring his workers to be great. Here are some insights about what he likes to call ‘positive work environment’.


Since he entered the industry he has always wondered what makes people work below their potential. Exhaustion, incompetence or just poor performance are well known enemies in every corporation. Obviously we do not have to mention all the negative events that can be produce from it. Business owners like calling it ‘burning out’.


Usually when people do not show enough confidence or excitement about work is because there are not a clear and positive outcome of doing the work. The company’s vision must be compelling enough. It’s the single most important part when preventing this to happen.


When managing Jason River Capital, Paul likes to remark that workers ONLY experience burn out when they feel ‘unappreciated or inadequate’. They are willing to work as much as necessary! Of course everything has its limits, but the point we are trying to get straight is that performance is more about purpose rather than capacity. Learn more:


Better said, people do not want quantity over quality; they do not enjoy working long hours for something that is not valuable or rewarding. Now, it’s also relevant knowing that everyone has a different level of capacity. But as long as employees do not get discouraged and nor give up they will eventually make it right.


Having said that, Paul Saunders gives us some guidance about how to prevent this unpleasant surprises. The first thing he claims is that someone who experiences that weakness wants his team to understand him. Transparence, honesty, recognizing their value are great factors to boost their self-image.


As stated before, everyone has a different capacity when working. But some of them also have different motivations and drives. If your team member’s values are freedom for instance, the best thing you can do is giving more responsibilities. More control essentially. It may seem risky but it is not as long as it increases work quality.


Last but not least, every successful company is flexible, that is why they survive. Control, customization, adaptability are keys to unlock some of the most valuable skills in an employee: creativity, leadership and innovation.

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James River Capital: Exemplifying the Proper Morale of Employer-Employee Relationships

April 15, 2019 - Author: steph

Richmond, Virginia is considered to be the home to one of the most virtuous, experienced, and affluent financial investment firms in the U.S.—James River Capital. Established in 1986, James River Capital Corp. initially began its investment practices as KP Futures Management Corp.—a company that originally operated under the authority of Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. After servicing under Kidder for nearly a decade as its alternative investment department, Kidder sold KP Futures Management to Paul Saunders and his business partner Kevin Brandt in 1995. Nonetheless, after acquiring the company from Kidder, Paul Saunders changed its name to James River Capital and the investment firm was than able to administer services as an independent company.


In the business world of financial investment, Paul Saunders is heavily regarded as being s veteran in the field. He began his professional career in finance back in 1979 and worked his way up through experience over the years to become both the Director of Managed Accounts and Commodity Funds and President over Kidder—positions he held prior to acquiring the firm. As of today, Paul Saunders is James River Capital’s CEO/Chairman/Principal/Portfolio Manager and he is well-respected and admired within the business industry for his skills in being able to successfully execute his professional obligations in the most effective and value-driven manner. He is accredited for devising James River’s merit-based investment philosophy (utilizing alternative investments to generate portfolio diversification value) and he also holds the distinction of guiding the company with compassionate leadership.


In a recent interview, Paul Saunders talks about how he believes it is extremely critical to the growth/welfare of a corporation for the employer to take the initiative to show employee appreciation via a variety of methods. As stated by Saunders, it is often the case that employees begin to exhibit signs of “burnout” when they no longer feel motivated to do their job. Moreover, these specific signs are generally displayed through a loss of confidence, lack of transparency (feeling overlooked), change in attitude, or a loss of control with job management. If companies simply take the time out to address these issues or put preventative measure into place to ward off the onset of “burnout”, companies would run more effectively—a philosophy Saunders strongly believes has contributed to the long-term success of James River. According to the CEO, corporations can remedy “burnout” by communicating more with employees on a regular basis to get an understanding for how they are feeling. Companies can also try suggesting the idea of developing new hobbies, creating an interval of 10-15 minutes of planning time every morning to avoid the stress of task management, set small goals, provide incentives for completed tasks, and even provide workshops to allow employees to recuperate from burnout. Learn more:

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“James River Capital: Advice for Employees with CEO Paul Saunders “

January 10, 2019 - Author: steph

James River Capital is an investment firm with independent efforts. James River Capital specializes in commodity trading and company hedge funds. As a result of James River Capital’s business efforts, they are considered to be a respected investment firm within the industry of finance. James River Capital is registered as a proprietary Investment Advisor for SEC. The entity is also registered with CFTC. James River Capital offers advice regarding employee burnout and the effect it can have on a company’s business model. The team at James River Capital has experience regarding business transactions and therefore is able to give advice to other enterprises on the best ways train employees.


Expert Advice


Employee burnout is a concern amongst all employers. James River Capital offers tips and tricks to deal with the issue. According to James River Capital, one of the first signs of burnout is a loss of control. When an employee experiences a loss of control, all other aspects of business become more difficult. Tasks such as planning and scheduling will seem difficult for an employee experiencing burnout. James River Capital suggest businesses eliminate any rules that are too strict. When rules are too strict, there is no margin for common mistakes. James River Capital suggest employers encourage their employees to take a 15 minute break before the work day begins. During the break, employees should pinpoint the goals they would like to accomplish that day.


Another sign of burnout is doubt amongst employees. When an employee is distrustful of the corporation, they are more likely to become exhausted and uninterested in work. When an employee does not believe they are being adequately compensated, they will experience a negative feeling towards their employer. When an employer notices this, it is important that they address it immediately. Along with doubt, employees tend to show a change in their attitude. If an employee becomes upset and angry at a minor issue, there tends to be a greater issue at play internally. In these cases, employers should address the issue before it escalates. Learn more:


When an employee feels a loss of confidence within themselves, their actions become unpredictable. An employee may be uninterested in work as a result of low confidence. When confidence is low, employees do not interact well with others. They become unsure of themselves, and the company suffers as a result. It is paramount for employers to notice these signs and address them immediately. Employee burnout is common in the United States, particularly with the increase of smartphones. Paul Saunders is the principal and founder of James River Capital. He initiated the enterprise and is well-versed as an employer and supervisor.


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