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Give Your Home an Upscale Vibe with Classic Crown Moldings

October 12, 2017 - Author: steph
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Crown molding is a classic architectural feature that has evolved a lot over the years, decades, and centuries. In today’s interior design scenario, you will find them with plenty of profiles to adorn the walls, ceilings, and their meeting points. The moldings have their own charm and the classic designs are even better to give a place a classy, expensive vibe.

Will a Conventional Style be Suitable for a Modern Home?


Putting up crown molding always enhances the ambiance of a place. So, when you incorporate modern crown molding into a classic setting or vice versa, the wonderful melding of the two contrasting styles create a subtle but aesthetic effect.   You have the freedom to mix and match the way you want but keep these following factors in mind:

  • Don’t put the Renaissance style trims into a cottage home as these two seem to stand in the opposite direction of an axis.
  • Decorative trims might not be suitable for all the rooms since their wider profiles may seem overbearing in a small place.

As long as a room has an average height and square footage, you can bring into cornice of any design. They will all make your house look architecturally interesting.

The Perks of Installing Crown Moldings


The trims are available in countless profiles and styles. So, you will never be out of options no matter how ambitious decoration you choose for a room. Besides, some other advantages of these features are:

  • As we’ve already mentioned that the choices are countless. You can choose anything between a simple, plain design and a complex motif featuring beads & ropes or egg & dart.
  • You will also have quite a few options in terms of materials, giving you flexibility regarding the budget. You can choose the wood and plaster moldings but MDF or foam options would be the best should the budget is tight. However, the high-quality alternatives are not that much expensive. In fact, moldings are one of the most cost-effective interior design solutions that can quickly transformation that face of a place.
  • Another benefit of the fixture is that it can be paired with plenty of other architectural features such as ceiling medallions, wainscot panels, door casing, window frames, chair rails, etc. These can stay together without affecting the aesthetic appeal of a room.

The Secret behind the Molding’s Visual InterestIMG 3

It actually covers a crude space of a room that would otherwise be ignored completely. It fills a gap and draws attention to an unusual place by adding textures, depth, and crispy details to the overall interior design.   There are also decorative wall moldings that gives a room a new dimension. Given that their size is right for the overall area of a room, ornate trims have the power to beautify a place.

Crown Molding Installation: The Myths


There are many misconceptions around the installation of crown moldings. Many people think that placing classic trims in a classic setting will make a room look too busy. Well, it will only depend on the panels, the patterns of the design, and the color. There should be a harmonious balance of the scale and proportion between all the elements. It will not be appropriate to choose something too wide and excessively decorative for a small room or a low-hung ceiling.


Another common myth is that classic crown molding designs and contemporary settings are a recipe for disaster. Well, it’s not true. Unless you follow the strict principles of minimalism, a traditional profile will look much more elegant in your modern home. If the room is large, you can make it feel cozier and more welcoming by installing wide panels of decorative trims. These will create the illusion of bringing the ceiling down, creating the feeling of an intimate, snug den.   Crown moldings make the transition from the walls to the ceiling easier and add small details to a place for creating the necessary dramatic effects. These are the solutions if you need something to make your contemporary living place more interesting.

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