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How Brown Agency Came into Existence

November 14, 2016 - Author: steph

The Brown Agency is headquartered from Dallas, Texas. The company mainly specializes in identifying and training some of the best talents in the United States of America. It’s Texas leading company in providing the best commercial talents to their clients. Brown Agency deals with some of the biggest brands in the United States such a Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton as well as L’Oreal among other brands. Brown agency has been in existence since September last year, and the current Chief Executive Officer and President is Justin Brown. Brown Agency was formed when Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent –South. Previously, these two firms were the best modeling agencies in Austin. The joining of these two agencies meant unique capabilities and strength. For this reason, Brown Agency has managed to become a full-service agency.

Wilhelmina Austin was founded by Justin Brown in the year 2010 and managed to become the best and most respected agency in Texas. On the other hand, the Heyman Talent-South was one of the best modeling agencies before the two companies merged. What resulted from the combination of these two companies was a broader portfolio that has experienced talents. The two companies agreed that the new agency would be headquartered in Dallas. Also, they would maintain an office in Los Angeles, California. During the acquisition, the two agencies also agreed that Heyman Talent-South founder would be in charge of the theatrical division of the newly founded agency.

In an interview, Justin Brown said that the acquisition was in reflection of the company’s growth commitment and strategy to becoming the best agency in Texas and ensuring their clients have the best talents in the market. During the ceremony, Michael Brownie acknowledged that they were thrilled by the acquisition and are happy to be part of the Brown family. No financial detail of this transaction was made available to the public and a party to celebrate this occasion was set on a later date.

Becoming a model can be difficult especially if you are coming from a remote area. However, here are a few tips from the Brown Agency on how to become a model. First, the key to becoming a good model is choosing the right agency for you. Successful models have been recruited by modeling scouts who go around looking for fresh talents. This often happens in shopping malls as well as clubs and even on school yards. You can also send your pictures to a modeling agency. In this case, Brown Agency advises prospective models to send few simple photographs instead of trying to come up with an expensive portfolio. Finally, Brown Agency advises prospective models to focus on open castings for an opportunity to be signed by an agency. The best way to achieve this is by calling an agency reception desk.

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