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Spring Trends for Male Fashion

March 13, 2015 - Author: steph

Spring is in the air. Men across the country are taking a close look at the clothes that are in their closet. They are certainly wondering if their last year wardrobe will fit the new trends that are currently sweeping across the country. A select few might prefer to stick with their usual style. Certainly, a growing number of men like to keep up with what is trending now in male fashion. One trend that is making the runways is a very simple and basic look that a lot of men look good in. They don’t have to sport model worth abs like fashion model Matt Landis to look good and very trendy.

Spring Renewal Trending Styles

Spring is a time to dust off the old wardrobe and start bringing in the new wardrobe. This is good fashion advice for those that like to stick with the old. Instead, get with the new trends, which are simple and modern. Let’s take a look at this inspiring outfit that is worn by model Matt Landis. Those that would like to forgo the usual jeans and shirt might like to consider this very trendy look.

matt landis abs

The model is wearing a pair of neutral toned shorts and a casual top that is open. The top is also in a neutral gray tone with black striping across the front. Fashion designers always hit the consumer with something new and daring every Spring. This is certainly a daring daytime look for men. The look bares it all. Actually, it is a perfect look for men that are on vacation at a resort, or fun in the sun at the beach. The minimal look displays their best assets in a very positive way. This is actually a very easy look for a guy to wear. The low rider short style is perfect for the man that would like to display their toned body. Check out the casual shoes minus socks. This is the newest fashion statement that is sweeping across new Spring fashions too.

Breaking Trends and Classics

matt landis yellow tshirt
Men usually stay with a few basic new fashion pieces and are quite happy. However, denim is a classic. Denim is still very popular among men of all ages. The best looks blend the traditional denim with the new trendy pieces. The best looks occur when they team the denim with the neutral looks. For example, a basic open blazer look with dark denims or a casual denim top with the low rider shorts. A basic T-shirt blends with the classic denims and the new trends. 

Common Colors

matt landis model

The best advice is to stick with the most common colors that are happening this Spring. The runways are filled with designer looks that are in the basic neutral tones like gray, beige, khaki, off white, blue, and brown. Men should keep this in mind when selecting their new Spring wardrobe this season.

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