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Stratford Shields: The Unbeaten Leader in Finance

May 17, 2019 - Author: steph

Financial analysts are responsible for wealth creation and wealth multiplication. They do this by analyzing the trends in the market. After analyses, they are in a better position to tell the best and most lucrative sector in the economy. Stratford shields is an expert in the finance industry. He has been in working in the industry for more than two decades. In his career life, he has served in many organizations such as in the Securities Industry Financial Markets Association (SIMFA) where he served as the chair and vice chair.

Stratford has also served as a banker in one of the leading investment banks. In the banking industry, he mainly dealt with privatization areas. He also assisted his clients with credit strategies and transaction structuring in order to maximize returns in investments. The founder and managing director of loop capital markets previously worked in the government as the president of the state controlling board.

Stratford shields attended Ohio state university where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history. In search of more skills and knowledge, Stratford pursued an MA in political science and attended Columbia University for his MBA.

Stratford believes there is no end in learning. We keep learning either from life, our workplaces and from others. To remain up to date and learn the trends in the markets, he keeps on reading about current events. This improves his decision-making skills and helps him keep in touch with his clients.

He arrives at the office before everyone else. Morning is the best time to strategize and plan on how to handle his clients. Mornings are chilly and quite thus one is able to concentrate more. He formulates unique and cutting-edge financial strategies that will benefit his clients.

Stratford is keen on paying attention to detail. Being attention helps one to understand what the client needs, and therefore organize what it takes to deliver the client’s needs. Clients follow up helps one to get finer details and deliver service that exceeds your customer expectations.

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Lessons I’ve Learned from Anil Chaturvedi

May 31, 2018 - Author: steph

The stock industry has recently risen allowing miners and bankers to gain. As the other markets rose with s one point zero three, the Indian one rose even higher; this happened before the opening of the US financial market.

The rise caused by high technology which has brought about speculation of low payment by those who have invested heavily. The reduction of inflation with a six point five percent from eight point four three percent.

Allocation of three hundred million dollars by the World Bank released it as funding for renewable energy for India. As India prepares to work with the Europeans, it makes it easier for both parties to trade.

India has a favorable market, Europe wants to risk doing business in Asia; if it works out well, both can gain immeasurably. Big companies like Amazon have increased a lot since its entrance into the Indian market.

Companies in India who want to start a business should first brand and put up prices that are reasonable. It also applies to companies who went outside to trade and now want to come back; they should take key measure in implementing their strategies to have a good market share.

Indian companies have offered their customers low prices for their product which comes with a discount; this makes it difficult for the market to grow. Lack of branding has also resulted in this; most companies don’t brand their product.

The AECAL has taught business owners on how to brand and price their products, to create room for healthy competition. With the use of a smartphone, more than five million users can access a product online by either ordering or view it, business owners will also be able to track market prices of different products and will be able to decide on how to sell their product.

Tax in

India’s tax needs to be regulated as there is potential in the market. Anil and his investors have done trade in various types of business in India and currently focusing on the e-commerce industry which is doing well in Asia.

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