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Evolution of Smooth Has Taken The Lip Balm Industry By Storm

December 19, 2016 - Author: steph

Lip health and lip balms in general have typically been an overlooked aspects of a person’s overall health, though in reality it is actually a significant part of it. When the lips are chapped and peeling, it is not only painful and can lead to infections, but it is also an eye sore. The lip care industry’s lack of any good products has been a large factor in peoples disinterest as well, which is why Evolution of Smooth jumped in to change things.

Today, Evolution of Smooth has become one of the leading sellers of lip balms in the world, second only to Burt’s Bees, and they did this in less than a decades time. The founders of the company came up with the idea for EOS lip balm after realizing that there weren’t many contenders in the industry, nor had anything changed in decades, which is why people might have lost interest in it. After developing their unique smooth sphere applicators and high quality lip balm, they got the break they needed and got some retailers to sell their products, and now they can be found at major retailers both online and all over the world.

The fact that Evolution of Smooth’s lip balms are organic, all natural product, made their appeal that much higher, especially with the many health trends going on today. EOS has a large variety of different colors, scents, flavors, and even different varieties of lip balm for different purposes, all to appeal to the different tastes of consumers out there. Today, EOS lip balms can be found all over the world from nearly any major retailer like Target for just a few bucks each, also see, They also have a YouTube and several social media pages for their customers and fans to find out more information on their products. You can also visit the evolutionofsmooth website.


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