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Changing Lip Balm One Sphere At A Time with EOS

October 31, 2017 - Author: steph

It’s nearly the time of year for giving. When this time of year rolls around, shoppers search for items that their loved ones don’t already have. If you are searching for something for someone who is hard to shop for because they have everything already, then try creating a gift basket made of lip balms.

Evolution of Smooth, known to shoppers as EOS, is a new product to most shoppers. Buy EOS’s products here on Many shoppers have stood in line before eyeing the items for sale on the shelfs next to them however in most cases, people decide to pick up the items that are cheaper. In many cases, this is the wrong decision.

The usual brand of chapstick or lip balm is typically one flavor and is in a tube. When the manufacturers of EOS had the brilliant idea of creating a product that was something different than your usual lip balm, they had the idea to make it a shape like any other. They knew by making the shape something other than a tube, shoppers would be more interested in what the product was. Not only this, they also decided that there needed to be a variety of flavors. They wanted shoppers to be able to have something other than plain and cherry.

EOS is now changing the game once more by creating a crystal clear version of the lip balm based on The new color, or lack of color, is just one way that they have stepped the game up. They made the lip balm in a shape which resembles a triangular pattern which causes the lip balm to appear like a gem. The flavors that they have made available in the crystal clear version is like many of the other flavors, they are delicious.

If you want something original and that shows you care, shop for a variety of flavors and colors of EOS lip balm. You won’t be sorry that you did.

Visit EOS’ official website,


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