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EOS Fan Favorites

October 18, 2017 - Author: steph

Since their debut, EOS lip balms continue to dominate the market with their trendy packaging, variety of unique flavors and their addictive formula to soothe dry lips. EOS lip balm takes pride in their variety of unique and tasty creations, and are always adding to their cache of flavors.

Some of the traditional flavors that have been around forever continue to hold the top spots as fan favorites. Flavors like Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint are the company’s standard flavors and remain the most popular by far, available here at However, the company is always expanding their line of deliciousness to include more and more unique flavors. Limited edition flavors are also available from time to time so it’s important to snag these while you can.

One of my all-time favorite flavors belongs to the Alice in in Wonderland collection, called Blueberry Potion. This flavor is a blast of blueberry scent and taste. It almost smells better than the flavor actually tastes. But then again, that is the way most lip balms are designed–to appeal to more than one of our senses. The sense of smell plays a huge role in creating a flavorful experience.

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Another favorite flavor of mine is called Watermelon Wonderland. The scent is absolutely devine. I’ve been told that I smell delicious when wearing it. The aroma of watermelon emenates from the lips and tickles nearby noses. The actual taste of watermelon is present in the smoothe layer of protection covering the lips. A slight sweet taste to the tip of the tongue is overpowered by the delectable aroma the wax produces. The smell of sweet watermelons is very pleasing to the nose and very prominent. There is no mistaking the smell of watermelon whether it is on the lips, in the air, or on someone’s breath. All these things combined make this my favorite EOS lip balm flavor.

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