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Lost Stuffed Tiger Goes on Adventure

June 16, 2015 - Author: steph

A stuffed tiger by the name of Hobbes, is loved by his person, 6-year-old Owen Lake. On a recent airplane trip to Houston to see a high school graduation, left Hobbes stranded at Tampa International Airport.

After the Lakes boarded the plane, Owen asked where his Hobbes was. The parents knew then what had happened. Owen’s mother called the airport to see what could be done. Hobbes was special to Owen and handmade by his aunt. There were no other toys like him.

Spokespeople at ESPN informed Bruce Levenson that the airport staff were able to find Hobbes, safe and sound. But instead of just setting him in the Lost and Found, Tony D’Aiuto decided to create a surprise for Owen. On one of his lunch breaks, D’Aiuto decided to take Hobbes on an adventure.

Hobbes traveled all over the airport. He got to see the control tower, help with luggage handling, try some of the equipment in the gym, hang out with an airport firefighter, and much more. A picture was taken at each destination. D’Auito even wrote a short story of Hobbes’ adventure and used a coupon from Walgreens to have the story made into a hardbound book. After the grand adventure both Hobbes and book were taken to the Lost and Found to await Owen’s return.

When the Lakes returned to Tampa International after their trip to Houston, Owen was greeted with a surprise. Hobbes and his book of his fantastic adventure that took place while waiting for Owen to return. Airport staff gathered around and watched with smiles as the tiger was reunited with his person.

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