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KFC Sues Over Online Rumors

June 2, 2015 - Author: steph

Apparently, KFC does not like harsh words about their chicken because they are suing three Chinese companies in Beijing, for spreading ridiculous false claims.

KFC claims fake rumors were posted on social media sites, using 10 different WeChat accounts, by Shanxi Weilukuang Technology Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Zero Point Technology, and the Yingchenanzhi Success Company.

The rumors varied from accusing the company of using genetically modified chickens that have eight legs and six wings, to abusing chickens.

The company argues that while the rumors were illogical, and Twitter users wrote contrary to scientific knowledge, they hurt public perception.

KFC’s China-based CEO, Song Cui Rong said “it’s been tough protecting our brand against rumors, however, with the government’s help in recent years, as well as judicial interpretation, we now have the confidence and legal resources to stop the rumors, “she said.

Two years ago, Chinese authorities launched a new campaign to clean up internet rumors, that were negative and capricious against companies.

KFC is suing the companies for 1.5 million yuan or $242,000 in US dollars, and an apology

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