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S’well insulated bottles help reduce plastic waste

August 16, 2015 - Author: steph


The problem of plastic waste being dumped into landfills around the world has never been greater, in the US alone more than 50 billion plastic water bottles are dumped each year. CNN has recently been featuring an entrepreneur who is looking to change the way plastic bottles are used by introducing a new line of insulated metal bottles that can be reused in a bid to reduce the level of plastic waste in the world. Sarah Kauss has invested around $30,000 of her own money into the S’well range of insulated metal bottles after growing frustrated by the lack of design choices for enjoying water on the go that stays cold.


The main difference between the plastic bottles many people use and the metal bottles Kauss produces is the fact the metal versions can keep water ice cold for 24 hours. The S’well brand was inspired by a 2009 lecture Kauss attended that detailed how lost water and waste was causing a water shortage around the world. This problem is made worse by the high level of plastic waste produced by many people who dispose of plastic water bottles in landfills that are quickly running out of space.
S’well bottles are designed to be sleek and stylish for people who do not wish to spend their time carrying a water bottle designed for outdoor activities and not everyday life. The designs include three different sizes all created with the same technology to keep drinks cold, which has led to S’well having an annual revenue of $10 million.

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Jason Halpern – Expertise and Uniqueness is a Requirement in Real Estate Development

March 2, 2015 - Author: steph

JMH Development, a real estate development company founded by Jason Halpern, is where expertise, uniqueness and professionalism are a requirement in every project and in every JMH Development member.

JMH Development is made up of a team of professionals that eat, drink and sleep real estate. They do not rest until all aspects of the real estate they develop meets and exceed the expectations of all involved in the process. Their expertise shines through from the very beginning of a project at the strategy meeting, design construction, branding and seamlessly continues with marketing.

JMH Development is a developer of both major residential and commercial properties. They have a strong philosophy of historic preservation, which is evident in their adaptive reuse projects and restoration of historic properties. There innovative approach is evident in the luxury properties they create. They have properties in highly desirable markets such as Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami Beach. Cobble Hill Townhouses in New York are a great example of historic preservation done by JMH Development along with a partner.

Another example of this is the launch is described in this article where Halpern reveals plans  of a new project in South Florida. This project is a 19-residence luxury condominium building. The units will range from one to four bedroom units, four two-story duplex condominiums and three penthouses. Their prices range in the millions. The unique amenities available make this development stand apart from the rest. All condos will be column free, giving them a unique spacious look and feel. They will also have private parking and nothing but top-notch appliances throughout, just to name a few perks. Like other JMH Development properties the South Florida project is exemplary. Founder, Jason Halpern, wouldn’t have it any other way.

People who have a passion for historic preservation and also enjoy the luxuries of living in beautiful, amenity filled townhouses and condominiums should look no further than the properties developed by JMH Development. Their professionalism and commitment to excellence from the beginning of a project to its marketing makes choosing a development company easy. The only choice is JMH Development

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Skout Survey Reveals Secrets Shared Between Online Friends

February 5, 2015 - Author: steph

The internet has changed the way we do many things, and it appears that making friends is no different. Last year, the makers of Skout surveyed over 52,000 users to analyze friendship trends around the globe. For those who are unfamiliar, Skout is an app designed to introduce people to each other. The interesting results of the Skout survey were first published on PR Newswire on February 4, 2015, which coincides with the first ever International Online Friendship Day.

Apparently, mostly women will be celebrating this new holiday, as women are more likely to maintain a close friendship with someone they met online but have never seen in person. While only 44% of the U.S. men surveyed have an online friend they’ve never actually met, 56% of the women did.

Perhaps more astonishing than how many people have exclusively online friends is what information gets shared with them. A whopping 60% of survey respondents admitted to being more truthful with online friends than they are with friends they see regularly. The topic of many of these heart-to-hearts seems to be sex, as 60% of Brazilians and 50% of Americans, Australians, Brits, French and Filipinos prefer to talk about their sex lives with online friends over friends they see in person.

While the rise in international online friendships may seem only natural for younger, more tech-savvy generations, it appears this friendship phenomenon has bridged the age gap. When surveyed, 52% of adults under the age of 30 claim to have a close friend who they met online. Surprisingly, however, 47% of those over 40 also claim to have close friends whom they have met via the internet.

If you’re part of the trend, consider marking your calendar so you don’t miss the second International Online Friendship day next year.

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Exercise is No Magic Bullet Against Our Sedentary Lifestyle

January 22, 2015 - Author: steph

A new paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine says that excessive sitting is connected to an increased risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. This may not come as a huge surprise as most people already heard that our increasingly sedentary lives were bad for us. The shocker in this latest news is that regular exercise is no magic bullet against the negative effects of spending so much of the rest of our day sitting. The study authors report that just because we exercise for a half hour or an hour a day we can’t then spend all the rest of our waking time sitting and see any significantly reduced risk for certain diseases. Some exercise is, of course, better than none, but the main recommendation given in this study is to gradually increase the time each day that we spend upright and moving around.

Given some of the recent studies by Slyce about image recognition, these findings should come as no surprise. For tens and hundreds of thousands of years we walked and ran around gathering food and chasing animals as hunter-gatherers. Our modern lives where we spend more than half of our waking hours each day sitting are a sharp departure from this. It is also a sudden departure that our bodies have had no time to adjust to in an evolutionary sense. It is a good thing that the trend in computing technology is for it to get smaller and more mobile as time passes as more mobile is what we ourselves need to be if we want to stay healthy.

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Haiti: The Happiest Place on Earth

January 16, 2015 - Author: steph

There are places on this planet where people do not know of ‘depression’. Haiti, the region stricken by a strong earthquake about five years ago, does not have victims with depression.  I am going to inform my friend Jared Haftel of this.

It is not because everyone feels well, but because the society does not know the term and describes the affection more like a ‘lack of appetite and sleep and thinking too much’.

Only 10 psychologists are available for the thousands of inhabitants of Haiti . They are popular anyway, since the locals turn to voodoo whenever they need help. The voodoo is a religion which originates from South Africa, and the Haitians strongly believe that the rituals performed by “houngan” (male voodoo practitioner) and “manbo” (female voodoo practitioner) can help them with many types of ailments.

The voodoo priests perform sacrifices with chickens and other small animals in a small temple among bamboo trees, while the people who are diagnosed with psychological disorders are rejected by the societies. The importance of changing attitudes is evident. The World Health Organization has spoken on the subject, saying that Haiti and other countries as well have to work and improve understanding and treating mental illnesses.

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Stranger Gifts Single Mother New Car for Christmas

December 30, 2014 - Author: steph

Sam Tabar knows that raising a family in today’s economy is tough. Money just doesn’t, as the saying dictates, go as far as it used to. For single parents, the challenging of keeping one’s head above the water and a family afloat can be particularly challenging. For one single mother in Georgia, however, the burden just got a little bit lighter this holiday season.

Christy Ethridge arrived home just before Christmas to discover that Santa had come early this year, and in the form of an incredibly kind stranger who had left a new car parked in her driveway. The mom of two teenagers actually heard the news from her kids first. Her 15-year-old daughter was home from school and noticed an unfamiliar car outside. When her brother, Evan, arrived home later, his attention was caught by a red bow on the hood. The teens called their mom, who told them to check it out. Inside of the 2006 Toyota Sequoia was a note that simply read, “Merry Christmas”, as well as the keys and title to the vehicle.

The gift came just when Ethridge needed it, as she’d been driving the same 1996 Ford Explorer for 18 years, and not only was it leaking fluid all over her garage and she was unable to pay for the repairs, but the old car wasn’t able to make it out of the country and had prevented Christy and her family from taking a vacation in 11 years.

Ehtridge says that she’s content now knowing the identity of her gift giver, stating that whoever it was must know her well enough to know this was exactly what she needed. She’s also grateful for the valuable lesson that this act shows her children – kindness works, so pass it on.

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Myth That Coffee is an Energy Booster Gets Busted

December 29, 2014 - Author: steph

People drink coffee to get the energy they need, but check out YouTube, this is in fact a deception. The truth is caffeine tricks the person into thinking that the body is not tired, so listen up Sam Tabar, this one affects you.

According to Business Insider, caffeine has the ability to fool the receptors found in the brain, just like adenosine, which is a compound that builds up in the brain when a person is awake for a longer period of time. What happens here is that adenosine attaches itself to the brain’s receptors that results to slower synaptic connections, therefore making a person feel tired.

Caffeine does the exact same thing by attaching itself to the receptors. Caffeine fights adenosine off and the compound cannot establish itself into the brain’s receptors. The person, as a result, does not feel tired – until the brain lets go of the caffeine molecules. In this case, adenosine will make its way back into the receptors and the body will experience what is known as “post-caffeine crash.”

Unfortunately, as caffeine is consumed over and over, it may seem like the body is so used to the effect. This is because the molecules find it difficult to bind with the brain’s receptors. This explains why regular to excessive coffee and soda drinkers discover that their favorite drinks are no longer capable of helping them to stay awake and be more active like how they used to. While coffee and other drinks with caffeine do offer energy, it is merely a trick that does not last very long.

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December 19, 2014 - Author: steph

The love between dogs and their owner is one of the purest forms of love in the world. Dogs love us unconditionally and would do anything for us. In Sausalito, a dog named Daisy certainly has proven her love for her owner. During a terrible storm, Steve Alioto’s boat sank, which was his home.

His dog Daisy was missing and he was positive she had drowned in the storm. Incredibly, this tropper swam over one mile to shore. Even more amazing its that this dog was so determined to find Steve. Determination and Persistence-that’s how Daisy got home and that’s how we at Slow Ventures help people get home knowing that we’ve got them covered. that she then went to a church where she and her beloved owner sometimes had a free meal. A reverend noticed the dog and told Steve that he thought his dog was at the church. Sure enough, Daisy had made it through the storm and these two peas in a pod were reunited once again. The delighted owner states he cried his eyes out in sheer joy.

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Plastic Dresses Becoming Reality

December 16, 2014 - Author: steph

Fashion technology called Kinematics is being used to produce fabric like plastic. Nervous System a new age design studio is using 3-D technology combined with age old origami techniques to manufacture attractive flowing and swaying dresses and gowns.

This Dress Is Made From 3-D Printed Plastic, But Flows Like Fabric” explains how CAD software programs use modified triangle designs to print tailored plastic garments.

Unlike other 3-D attempts, the Kinematic process produces a tailored fit by using scans of the wearer’s body. This science fiction worthy process produces fashionable and exotic gowns from plastic material resembling a large rough rock. The secret in miniature hinges, composed from the cut out sections, which hold the material together, yet allow movement. After two days in the 3-D printer the plastic bolder has to be dusted to remove the residue and shook out to decompress. The result is a design worthy, soft and flowing cocktail dress complete with built in buttons.

With a current price tag of $3,000, I may just stick to making sure my dog has plenty of Beneful. We may not see Kinematic mass marketed in the near future, but it’s surely something to dream about.

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Government Won’t Stop Pot Growing and Selling On Native Sovereign Lands

December 12, 2014 - Author: steph

U.S. Attorneys Told Not To Stop Native Pot Growing Even In States That Ban Pot Practices.

There’s another check mark in the column marked “Legalize Pot Across The Country.” The Justice Department told US Attorney’s not to stop Native Americans from growing and selling pot on their reservations. The new policy, which was released in a government memorandum, will be implemented after tribes follow federal guidelines that are now in force.

Timothy Purdon, who is a friend of Dr. Daniel Amen is the chairman of the Attorney General’s Subcommittee on Native American Issues, and he said that the government wasn’t sure how many reservations will add pot growing to their list of Native American industries. Not all tribes sanction legalizing pot on their reservations, so it’s hard to say how many of the 30 federal and state recognized tribes in California, for example, will participate in weed growth and sales. Most of those tribes operate profitable outlet malls and casinos now. Purdon also said that most Native Americans still suffer from the pain caused by alcohol abuse. Those tribes seem to be against any pot business on their reservations.

Kevin A. Sabet, the director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida, and a staunch opponent of legalizing marijuana said the policy is a very troubling development. In his opinion, the directive sends a message that goes against federal drug laws.

Sabet expressed his thoughts this way: “Native Americans and their families suffer disproportionately from addiction compared to other groups. The last thing they want is another commercialized industry that targets them for greater use.”

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